1395000189920/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 13:0020/09/2018 09:5020/06/2018 12:31AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500018.wavzLPMgEyVeRYI'm a highly sensitive psychic medium. I work from my heart, I'm open genuine and very natural. I will connect to your energy, which will tune me into your feelings and your emotions, if spirit comes in at any point I will let you know. I'm a reiki master of healing. I work with crystals and colour with the chakras. I'm trained in bereavement counselling.Amanda Dpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachHi, Amanda D here. I'm available on Ask The Answer and am logged in until {1} I'm a highly sensitive psychic medium. I work from my heart, I'm open, genuine and natural. I connect to your energy which tunes me into your feelings and emotions. https://bit.ly/2ICeH6C #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7226http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7224http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72257226.jpg7224.jpg7225.jpg9255001209920/09/2018 18:0020/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 02:0310/07/2017 08:37AvailableAvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500120_Laura_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500120.wavI can easily help you with a Psychic reading that naturally brings peace and clarity to you. After forty years I am familiar with issues of relationship, love, career, and finance. As a Psychic Empath, I feel your emotion when we connect. I have used my guide, the tarot, intuitiveness as well as a pendulum to help clients feel happier. Other issues are stress with work, family, and friends. My mission is to heal and deal with life in a positive way. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist and counselor have the knowledge to help you make positive changes in your life. Begin anew; you are one call away from that change.Band_ALauratarot,psychic,spirit-coachI’m Laura (500120) and I’m available for your call until {1} As a Psychic Empath, I feel your emotion when we connect. For 40 years I have used my guide, the tarot, intuitiveness as well as a pendulum to help clients feel happier. https://bit.ly/2tRE7sx #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6673http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6671http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=66746673.jpg6671.jpg6674.jpg6995009329020/09/2018 10:4520/09/2018 00:1108/07/2016 15:06AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500932.wavBeing psychic has run in my family for several generations on the women's side of the family. I got to find out that I could read tarot cards in my late 20's. I like to help people and guide them on the right path in life, I am a very honest tarot reader and will tell it like it is and what I get off the cards, I send you many blessings, love and light to you all.James1976tarot,psychic,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5781http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5779http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=57805781.jpg5779.jpg5780.jpg11066001709920/09/2018 17:0020/09/2018 11:0019/09/2018 23:0309/02/2018 15:20AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600170.wavI was always different as a child, I always had my spirit friends the family has a long tradition of spiritual work but my mother who was a non-believer called me the odd child always loving her boys but not understanding me. I used to see people as well as knowing things I shouldn't I would often scare my mother with predictions of things to come having an unhappy childhood made me withdraw more. In my 20s I had a near death experience which brought my abilities to the forefront and I have always loved connecting with people and helping in many ways. I have always known things and when I discovered the tarot some 35 years ago, I was amazed by the accuracy and passion they invoked I now teach and help others with the understanding of the tarot journey. I believe it is a life changing journey which helped make me who I am.Liz Millstarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6517http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7039http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7040http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6515http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65166517.jpg7039.png7040.png6515.jpg6516.jpg4635006968020/09/2018 20:0020/09/2018 19:15JaneHer19/09/2018 22:0628/05/2015 14:43AvailableOfflineOfflineUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant500696_Crystal_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500696.wavNgn3oaZ1lxAI am an Intuitive tarot reader. I work with not only the Tarot but also with Oracle cards, Angel Cards, Fairy cards, as well as dreams, the Law of Attraction and also colour. I am an empath and will often ‘feel your feelings’. I work with my spirit guide ‘Bill’ who is very direct with his guidance. I am also a qualified counsellor and complementary therapist. I believe that we all have the power to create the future we want for ourselves so I won’t tell you what to do as I believe that takes your power away. My aim is to guide you with an honest, insightful reading to help you on your path. You can contact me on the phone lines or through the email or instant messenger service, I look forward to working with you xBand_CBand_CCrystaltarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachHi, I'm Crystal. I work with not only the Tarot but with Oracle cards, Angel cards, Fairy cards, as well as dreams, the Law of Attraction and also colour. I’m an empath and will often ‘feel your feelings’. I’m available to call until {1} https://bit.ly/2m6hVXs #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1796http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4538http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4537http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1591http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=15921796.jpg4538.png4537.png1591.jpg1592.jpg12096002698020/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 16:3219/09/2018 22:0520/06/2018 16:13AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600269.wavI am a Psychic life coach I've done readings for 20 years. I am a New Thought Minister and know the law of attraction. I help individuals with matters of the heart which is of passion and relationships. I am clairaudient, an Empath and use psychometry. I have studied Metaphysics and recognize everybody has a destiny. My intention is to be the light to the suffering and confusion. I want to encourage clients to realize their genuine calling to have better substantial relationships. The more individuals I help, the more I am performing my purpose. There is a number of hurting and depressed individuals in this world that is in demand for healing and advice. Individuals with the abilities of healing and prophecy can create the world of inner harmony and contentment. May we all cherish and encourage one another Namaste.Cherylpsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7229http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7227http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72287229.jpg7227.jpg7228.jpg9475001119920/09/2018 10:5219/09/2018 19:5204/08/2017 07:29AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500111.wavI am a Psychic and Clairvoyant Tarot reader. I specialise in all matters and areas of the heart, but have also had much experience over my many years of reading of covering a large variety of subjects, and sometimes very complex areas of different people’s lives. I have toured the World and the UK extensively, and I am now available for Psychic and Clairvoyant telephone readings. So if there is a particular area of your life that you feel needs a little guidance I would be more than happy to help shed some light on what may lie ahead of you. Working with my full deck of Tarot cards I am not only able to give you a full rounded picture of what is coming up in the next few months and years ahead, but I also have the unique ability to be able to read for the immediate future of the coming days and weeks directly in front of you. So whether it is love, work, relationships, finances, or whatever you may need help and guidance with at this moment in time, I look forward to hearing from you soon.Gary Wtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5463http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5461http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=54625463.jpg5461.jpg5462.jpg12145000259920/09/2018 10:1819/09/2018 19:2205/07/2018 09:00AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500025.wavI am a psychic, medium, clairvoyant and healer. I tune in to people using voice and spirit to pass on messages and information from spirit to customers. I also do healing.Sampsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7271http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7269http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72707271.jpg7269.jpg7270.jpg11636002248020/09/2018 12:0020/09/2018 20:0019/09/2018 18:4726/03/2018 13:10AvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormantYou found me here for a reason. Amongst all these voices I am the one who can help you. I was born with the ability to communicate with the other side. I am psychic, clairvoyant and a medium. Ask me anything you want. I read cards from one card quick answer to a full ten card spread and I use a crystal ball and pendulum and I use Angel cards to speak with your own guides. I have a lifetime of experience and you can trust me to tell you the truth no matter what the question is.Band_CForest Spirittarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6957http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6955http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69566957.jpg6955.jpg6956.jpg85003259920/09/2018 10:5619/09/2018 18:0801/12/2016 10:56AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500325.wavI'm a clairvoyant, psychic and a medium, which means that I connect with Spirit to bring through messages about relationships, work and career, etc, as well as uplifting evidence from departed loved ones and angelic guides. I've been interviewed live on air at length about my work as a psychic and medium on BBC Radio, Forest FM and Hot Radio and I've appeared in articles about my remarkable angelic experiences in both Chat It's Fate Magazine and Take A Break's Fate And Fortune Magazine. I have years of experience presenting readings in person on a one-to-one basis, by phone and for groups of people at the spiritualist church and hotel seminar room. I was filmed in 2017 for a documentary on psychic/mediumship at Bournemouth University, doing a live demonstration on camera. I love working with Spirit as a psychic/medium. Give me a call and I'll be happy to seek to provide you with meaningful answers to your situation. I look forward to talking with you.Kerinpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6493http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6491http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=64926493.jpg6491.jpg6492.jpg9346000788020/09/2018 13:1319/09/2018 17:5917/07/2017 10:40AvailableUnusedOfflineUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600078_Heather-M_AskTheAnswerI have been in contact with Spirit all my life. I do Tarot and Angel card readings while connecting to Spirit to receive insightful readings and messages for you. I specialise in love, career and future readings. Through Spirit I can connect with your passed loved ones and guide you to the path you are meant to be on.Band_CBand_CHeather Mtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5394http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5392http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=53935394.jpg5392.jpg5393.jpg775002919020/09/2018 10:47MariaJoh19/09/2018 16:5928/05/2015 14:43AvailableOfflineUnusedUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500291.wavH71_2n7qPKcI have a gift for Angel and Fairy card readings, that I would love to share with you, in a one to one reading. As a colour therapist I like to draw upon the energies of the rainbow, using them to provide a natural and deeper understanding of the unseen influences affecting your inner most feelings and desires. From childhood I have been sensitive to the unseen and I have sat in awareness circles to enhance this gift. I use the cards and colour alongside my own intuition.Band_BMariapsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachHi, I’m Maria, As a colour therapist I like to draw upon the energies of the rainbow, using them to provide a natural and deeper understanding of the unseen influences affecting your inner most feelings and desires. I am logged in until {1}. https://bit.ly/2u7sjBV #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2441http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4546http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4545http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2439http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=24402441.jpg4546.png4545.png2439.jpg2440.jpg11596002285020/09/2018 13:1519/09/2018 16:0926/03/2018 12:04AvailableUnusedAvailableUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600228_Wayxjo_AskTheAnswerI’m a very experienced, intuitive and psychic astrologer and tarot reader with almost 20 years’ experience. Having also studied twin flames and dream analysis for many years I specialise in offering deep insights into relationship issues and self healing. Also a reiki master with strong connections with my spirit guides, you can speak to me about any issues you want to sound out, seek advice on, or simply for a compassionate and supportive ear. I can offer a astrological reading in an email report, or provide a psychic, tarot reading in an email too. I am often online and available for live chat, although with a busy life of doing face to face readings also, cannot often commit to times in advance. When starting out on my astrological journey I became friends with the vey well known (sadly no longer of this world) Jonathan Cainer and stayed with his family. He was a great influence to me before and the synchronicity of this meeting was a great inspiration to my path and my belief in the law of attraction.Band_CBand_CWaxyjotarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7581http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7579http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75807581.jpg7579.jpg7580.jpg12796003169020/09/2018 12:5819/09/2018 15:0914/09/2018 09:41AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600316.wavI have read tarot for more than 38 years, my tarot are 38 years old. I have done many training courses in America including Past Life Channelling and an Intuitive Tarot course. I am life coach and meditation therapist. In my work I only answer questions about love, work and business and I can see in the future for 3 years. With the help of my spirit guide I am clear and honest. At the end of the reading normally I connect with the spirit guide of the client to give messages. I hope to hear from you.Loritarot.psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7609http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7610http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7611http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7607http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76087609.jpg7610.png7611.png7607.jpg7608.jpg12246002848020/09/2018 10:4519/09/2018 15:0816/07/2018 12:20AvailableUnusedOfflineUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600284_Tarottricia_AskTheAnswerI have been a professional Psychic Tarot reader for over 25 years. I take pride in my work I do not judge anyone. I have dealt with all different people and problems from all walks of life and I take the uttermost care in my readings with full confidentiality. I am a very down to earth person with a good sense of humour, I have also built up a large clientele with clients who come back to me time after time looking for guidance and help within their lives and relationships. I do specialize in love and relationships I have helped many many people along the way. I’m not an airy fairy reader, I do tell it as it is, my readings are down to earth and easily understandable , I don’t do all the whole spiritual stuff as I’ve learnt that most people who want a reading want it real and as it is. Love and Blessings.Band_CBand_CTarottriciatarot,psychic,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7334http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7335http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7336http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7332http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73337334.jpg7335.png7336.png7332.jpg7333.jpg12786003155020/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 14:0019/09/2018 13:5414/09/2018 09:18AvailableUnusedAvailableUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600315_Skylin_AskTheAnswerI'm an Empath and Tarot reader, ready to connect you to the answers you need to make the best decisions for your future. I use various spreads in my readings, depending on the extent of your query. You can book a Chat session or email reading for answers to love, romance, work, study, relationships, fears, crossroads decision-making matters, relocation, home and family as well as general readings.Band_CBand_CSkylintarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7602http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7603http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7604http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7600http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76017602.jpg7603.png7604.png7600.jpg7601.jpg12186002778020/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 14:5719/09/2018 11:4809/07/2018 08:34AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600277.wavI use the Ryder-Waite deck and for me it’s really like reading a storybook. - yours, but is it a sentence blowing in the wind, to a chapter or the whole book. I can offer dates, time-frames, letters from the alphabet, star signs, and pin point whether it is related to the following: Work, love/family, conflict, money. Has your life appeared to have changed course and no you’re not happy with it? Therefore is yours a need or a want? So ask yourself – Q. “What do I really need to know” Life is not a one-way street it is two-way traffic, so if you’re unsure refer to the Q. People tend to incline towards me for confirmation about a suspected thought, a gut feeling which has been ignored or they’re in trouble. Not always is a problem shared the answer. What I at least can do, is talk to you to see if we can unravel the mess.Bellitarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7298http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7296http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72977298.jpg7296.jpg7297.jpg12766003135020/09/2018 12:1519/09/2018 00:4414/09/2018 08:56AvailableUnusedAvailableUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600313_Selena_AskTheAnswerI have been using tarot and gypsy fortune telling cards (Lenormand) for 25 years). I specialise in soul purpose readings, relationship, career and general readings. My goal is to help you with guidance from the spiritual world to enhance and enrich your life. When we have secret knowledge we can make better choices.Band_CBand_CSelenatarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7635http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7595http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7596http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7633http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76347635.jpg7595.png7596.png7633.jpg7634.jpg11236001878021/09/2018 07:4518/09/2018 18:4622/02/2018 12:55AvailableUnusedOfflineUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600187_Angela-J_AskTheAnswerI have always known that there is something else out there. It was readers that I have used that told me I have this gift, so I decided to delve in to it. It was tragedies in my own life that sparked my curiosity about spirituality, and I have never looked back. I practice yoga and meditation, and I will use a 3 card spread to try and get you the answer that you are seeking, so email me and we will see what the cards reveal. Love and light.Band_CBand_CAngela Jtarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7313http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7311http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73127313.jpg7311.jpg7312.jpg11366002008020/09/2018 14:5118/09/2018 15:1105/03/2018 13:42AvailableUnusedOfflineUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600200_Wendakai_AskTheAnswerE_6qCMxSS_kI have been reading Tarot for many years. Your reading is about you and your needs. I apply my clairsentience and intuition to giving you an insightful and honest reading. I also use Oracle cards. sometimes in combination with Tarot.Band_CBand_CWendakaitarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6945http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6943http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69446945.jpg6943.jpg6944.jpg4075003668021/09/2018 08:0020/09/2018 11:1518/09/2018 14:4128/05/2015 14:43AvailableAvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500366_Guzel_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500366.wavI am a caring Psychic helping readers along the path to happiness and their life's purpose and fulfilment of dreams and potential. I specialise in love and relationships as well as looking at options major life changes in areas such as career and emotions. I use Tarot, Angel cards and Astrology as well as Numerology and Astrology to link in with my clients. I am very open minded so no situation is too big or too small. Call me now.Band_CGuzeltarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1732http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1411http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=14121732.jpg1411.jpg1412.jpg7745002088020/09/2018 16:1718/09/2018 11:5417/10/2016 09:52AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500208.wavI have gave live consultations for 16 years covering most areas such as love, relationships, family, career, angel connection, distant reiki healing and spiritual development. Offering tarot and angel cards, crystal ball, tea leaf reading though these tools are optional and not necessary to give personal information to a client and complete a reading. Find an instant solution to the reading while clearing the core issue, giving the client conformation and clarity of their thoughts and feelings. Picking up feeling of clients and late loved ones enables me to have a high level of empathy. At times I am funny which does help clients to relax and some have said it felt as if they knew me. Assisting thousands of clients over the years I know I will offer psychic readings for the rest of my life. I do look forward to hearing from you.Sunshinetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4160http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4158http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=41594160.jpg4158.jpg4159.jpg8445005869920/09/2018 14:4517/09/2018 21:5302/05/2017 11:48AvailableOfflineOfflineUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant500586_Michelle_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500586.wavI'm a Psychic/Spiritual Consultant. I've been carrying out readings now for over 20 years, with great insight. I can quickly tune into your situation/problem and can give you the best approach on how to go about solving whatever is troubling you. I listen to my psychic vibes, which I get from your voice. I will also use Tarot/Angel cards, which are very valuable 'tools' and bring added depth to your reading. What I do is offer you advice and guidance on how I feel your life should go, in accordance with fate, that is. I know how fate what works and will let you know what I feel is best for you. It is then up to you whether or not you follow through with what it is I advise. I also read extensively on the works of Carl Jung, the great Swiss Psychiatrist, who often said in his works, that he was a mystic. I hope a reading with me will encourage you to make correct choices, thereby creating a happy and content life, which is the main goal for us as human beings.Band_ABand_AMichelletarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6942http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6940http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69416942.jpg6940.jpg6941.jpg6655008969920/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 13:0017/09/2018 18:1619/05/2016 16:46AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500896.wavI am an angel tarot reader and Reiki Master. I connect with spiritual energy using my angel tarot, healing with the Angels oracle cards and my pendulum. I can also do a healing session with you over the phone as part of the reading if you like.Giuseppetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7181http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7179http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71807181.jpg7179.jpg7180.jpg5495007659020/09/2018 23:45RodgerCud17/09/2018 00:1428/05/2015 14:43AvailableOfflineUnusedUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500765.wavI have over 20 years experience working as a Medium, on platform and giving psychic and spiritual readings, I use Tarot cards and have my own unique style, in other areas of my life I am also both a recovery coach and also a Counsellor so I also bring these skills and knowledge into the experience as and when it feels of benefit I have a diverse range of both life and work experience and a very calm and positive natural approach I look forward to reading for you.Band_CRodgertarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2575http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2573http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=25742575.jpg2573.jpg2574.jpg10016000039920/09/2018 14:2816/09/2018 14:0127/10/2017 09:06AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600003.wavI am a natural born gifted psychic, clairvoyant, spiritual healer and insightful tarot reader. I am a professional member of both; the (A.P.A) Australian Psychics Association, and the (I.P.A) International Psychics Association and hold a Doctorate of Metaphysics. I also interpret dreams and tarot cards as a total story, to give outcomes and unfolding time-frames of events and will guide you on the right path to find the right solutions and best results.Josephtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5821http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5819http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58205821.jpg5819.jpg5820.jpg7755005228022/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 11:3515/09/2018 10:2118/10/2016 09:59AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500522.wavI do clairvoyance, tarot reading and mediumship readings for anyone on any subject or aim that you’re going through in life. I enjoy helping everyone. I have over 20 years experience with tarot reading and always had clairvoyance, I do the readings from your energy and can guide you in any area.Teresa Ellentarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4293http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4291http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=42924293.jpg4291.jpg4292.jpg8515005939020/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 12:1514/09/2018 12:2318/05/2017 13:09AvailableAvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500593.wavI became aware of my spiritual gifts in early childhood and feel truly blessed to receive messages and guidance from Angels to help others . I have been reading the Tarot for more than fifteen years and have helped people from around the globe. I specialise in Tarot and Angel cards and also use a pendulum and crystal ball for extra insight. I use the cards to explain your current or future circumstances and the background effects involved. My aim is to help you move forward on the path of life.Melodytarot,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4833http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4831http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=48324833.jpg4831.jpg4832.jpg11146001778020/09/2018 22:1512/09/2018 22:3620/02/2018 13:54AvailableUnusedOfflineUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600177_Dee_AskTheAnswerI will use my natural ability and empathy to help foresee your path in life and provide assurance in times of uncertainty. Ask the Angels to guide you through the cards. I can pass messages from your loved ones in spirit bringing comfort and validation. From a child I have been aware of these gifts which have developed and become stronger as I more readily accepted them. Ask me questions which I will use the pendulum to answer yes or no. Have you a pet you are concerned about? I have many years experience in animal communication. We can chat online or I will respond to your email.Band_CBand_CDeepsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6564http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6562http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65636564.jpg6562.jpg6563.jpg8876000439921/09/2018 00:0005/09/2018 22:3729/06/2017 07:57AvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormantI am a reader of astrology, spirit guides, angel cards, runes, enlightenment cards, tarot/oracle cards. I have been working with the Spirit world for more than 30 years. I use my psychic abilities to interpret what the cards are trying to say. Tell me your problems and with the use of the cards I will help you to decide what decisions can be made for you to have the best solution. The tarot and the other oracle cards all help to give insight to questions asked by using different spreads. There are the one card, with a straightforward question, there is also 3 card spread which gives you the past present and future about a situation, or the first card tells you the attitude in which you should approach a situation or challenge. The second card tells the best way to shift the energy to a higher vibration. The third card shows what you have overlooked and need to be aware of in order to bring about a positive outcome. The Celtic Cross spread of the tarot gives an overview of your life at present.Band_ATrixietarot,angel-cards,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5075http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5073http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=50745075.jpg5073.jpg5074.jpg11516002158020/09/2018 22:1514/07/2018 17:0722/03/2018 10:30AvailableOfflineOfflineUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormant600215_Michael-W_AskTheAnswerI use shamanistic methods in my readings to connect with your energy and provide advice and guidance on any issue you may need help with. Using tarot cards, rune stones, colour therapy, Reiki, intuitive energy reading I will provide insight into in a broad range of areas including relationship, career, money and love but I can provide guidance on any aspect of your life that you may need support with. Four enlightened spiritual guides work through me, each having their own individual strengths which provides me with a broad foundation for my readings. I also channel guided meditations to aid my clients through a spectrum of challenges if required. My Shamanic abilities include dream interpretation, soul retrieval, accessing the Akashic records of my clients, the use of power animals and removal of negative entities and closure of portals.Band_CBand_CMichael Wtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6821http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6819http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68206821.jpg6819.jpg6820.jpg2790.00nick20/09/2018 00:0020/09/2018 00:00AvailableUnusedUnusedUnusedAvailableFalseFalseDormantCan't decide which of our email readers to have your reading from, then let the angels guide you. By choosing this profile your request will be passed to our expert team and answered by who is best suited to answer your question. We have specialists in all kinds of reading areas from tarot cards, psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, astrologers and much much more.Band_CEmail Readerhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1986http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=925http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=9261986.jpg925.jpg926.jpg705002489922/09/2018 10:0020/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 10:0328/05/2015 14:43BusyBusyUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500248.wavI have been giving Psychic readings now for over 20 years. I am an Empath and I also work on your voice vibration. I am a very honest reader and some would say very direct. I am here to help you along your spiritual pathway. Hope to hear from you soon. God BlessJulietarot,psychic,clairvoyantJulie here, UserID 500248, I have been giving #psychic readings now for over 20 years. I am an #empath and I also work on your voice vibration. I am a very honest reader and some would say very direct. I am logged in until {1}. https://bit.ly/2ILbVMp #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1828http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4524http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4523http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2010http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=27721828.jpg4524.png4523.png2010.jpg2772.jpg7125009449920/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 10:5220/09/2018 10:0322/07/2016 15:38BusyBusyUnusedUnusedUnusedTrueFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500944.wavI was born with an open channel to the spiritual realms and could see / hear / feel and communicate back and forth easily with spirit. My Romany grandma developed my gifts of remote viewing and spirit communication as well as automatic writing up until I was 18, then I was 'spotted' at the Spiritualists Association of Great Britain and offered further practise. I am particularly good at stepping into the thoughts and feelings of you and the people in your life and describing with intricate accuracy the events surrounding your past, present and future possibilities. I train psychics on an on-going basis and in my 30 years as a psychic medium I have witnessed all sorts of situations. I am particularly empathic and inspirational and give factual information you can directly relate to. I understand human nature and its complexities very well and am here to serve to the best of my ability. I very much look forward to your call.Marcelletarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachHi, Marcelle here. I'm currently live on Ask The Answer and logged in until {1} I’m a #psychic #medium I was born with an open channel to the spiritual realms and could see/hear/feel and communicate back and forth easily with spirit. https://bit.ly/2lDk8t5 #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5534http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6433http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6434http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5532http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=55335534.jpg6433.png6434.png5532.jpg5533.jpg8785001408020/09/2018 19:0020/09/2018 10:5320/09/2018 09:5015/06/2017 09:06BusyBusyUnusedUnusedUnusedTrueFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500140.wavI'm an intuitive reader who uses both Tarot and Angel cards in my readings. I have been reading for over 20 years now and have helped many people gain a higher level of insight into their situations past and present.Saratarot,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6951http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6949http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69506951.jpg6949.jpg6950.jpg2885004889920/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 09:4628/05/2015 14:43BusyBusyUnusedUnusedUnusedTrueFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500488.wavI can guide you with my Tarot cards linking into my spiritual ability, I have been Psychic most of my life, so let me help you with either going down the right path in life, your love life, career opportunities or I am here to just listen to your problems to make you feel better and try to resolve the problems.Rosie-Leetarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1750http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4550http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4549http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=963http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=9641750.jpg4550.png4549.png963.jpg964.jpg1294000209920/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 10:4115/09/2018 13:2328/05/2015 14:43BusyBusyUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant http://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-400020.wav gRxuLoHc-eII specialise in my own unique 2 card reading method which incorporates a major and minor card to give an in depth account of the questions being asked. I have always been sensitive to unseen influences and able to recognise peoples innermost feelings, hopes and fears. I use the tarot cards to explain your current or future circumstances and the background effects involved.Anne-Marietarot,psychic,angel-cards,runesI specialise in my own unique 2 card #tarot reading method which incorporates a major and minor card to give an in depth account of the questions being asked. https://bit.ly/2lE0IEh My profile: https://bit.ly/2tzfroG I’m available until {1}, Anne-Marie (400020) #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6275http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4518http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4517http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6273http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=62746275.jpg4518.png4517.png6273.jpg6274.jpg2155004275020/09/2018 09:3804/09/2018 12:10OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500427.wavSome may recognise me as a previous reader on ATA back in 2010. Due to a serious illness I sadly had to put my love of tarot and spirituality on hold until I healed myself. For those who don’t know me, I have been working with tarot for many many years now. I have given guidance to people from all walks of life. I work with my spirit guide and also with moon phases, in deciding when it is best to start or finish any giving project, even gardening! I am also an aromatherapist, Lavender and Patchouli being my top two favourites, colour therapist and numerologist. I believe numbers play a great deal in our life and most often become unnoticed. Keep a look out for the signs.Band_CLavendermoonhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7532http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7530http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75317532.jpg7530.jpg7531.jpg12856003245020/09/2018 09:3517/09/2018 10:14OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI am so super excited to be here and connect with you personally to support your future success and life path. I specialise in live transmission messages channelled specifically for you along with my work as an advanced Soul Plan Practitioner and decades of experience as a psychic medium, intuitive healer and tarot card teacher. One of the feedbacks frequently get from clients is how differently they feel about the events happening in their life and the changes that take place for them following our time together. Results some of my clients have experienced include manifesting life partners, transcending old relationship patterns, triple times pay rise, opening up their thriving and prosperous spiritual healing business, moving their business from a $5m a year to a $10m a year business turnover and more. Call me with your request and let’s take it from there. The possibilities are endless for you! With so much love, Deborah xxDeborahtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7651http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7652http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7653http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7649http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76507651.jpg7652.png7653.png7649.jpg7650.jpg7365009688021/09/2018 12:0020/09/2018 09:2026/08/2016 12:45OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500968.wavI'm a medium, channeller, symbologists and dream analysis. I've been hyper sensitive from an early age being guided through the spiritual dimensions all my life which aid me in my own life and with all my clients. I speak warmly, truthfully and from the heart with all my clients. Aiming to give the clients the specific insights needed for them to be able to move forward my there query.Stevie FmediumHi, I’m Stevie F (500968), I'm a #medium, #channeller, symbologist and dream analyst. I've been hyper sensitive from an early age being guided through the spiritual dimensions all my life. You can call me until {1}. Read my bio here: https://bit.ly/2lPyrL6 #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3932http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3930http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=39313932.jpg3930.jpg3931.jpg7975005409920/09/2018 08:5504/01/2017 10:49OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500540.wavI'm a highly gifted, respected and well known clairvoyant and medium with immense knowledge on spirituality. I've been reading for over 28 years, offering spiritual guidance on love and relationships, money, work and happiness. From the age of six I remember my Grandma reading for people from our bowtop gypsy caravan. I believe I've inherited my natural psychic gift from my Grandma. My natural psychic gift is one of love and compassion. I am a caring, genuine, empathic clairvoyant and take my role very seriously when offering spiritual insight and guidance to people. I specialise in tarot card readings and astrological birth chart predictions. I also offer dream interpretation and spiritual assistance to those who seek consolation and advice from their spirit guides or loved ones who have passed over. My vibration tunes in very quickly upon greeting the person I am doing the reading for. Their energy reveals a great deal about what is happening in their lives, which allows me to provide insight and guidance.Annatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4333http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4331http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=43324333.jpg4331.jpg4332.jpg5795007959920/09/2018 08:5212/08/2015 08:55OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500795.wavI first became acutely aware of spirit world when I was bedridden with serious illness. An angel appeared and this was the day I began to walk again, after being told by doctors I would never be well. After many visits from spirit children asking me for help, I promised God, Spirit and the Angels that I would give my life in service to helping others. I was awarded Honours for my 20 years of dedicated spiritual work by the Knights Templar UK. I am a Christian Mystic Visionary/Seer/Healer/Teacher of Romany Lee Heritage by birth. When God gives me the light to see into your soul, I am able quickly to share with you what I see about you and your life. I work with Gods light communicating with Mary and Jesu, the angels and saints and ones dearly departed souls in heaven. Known for my work with MTV, local radio and many years in the spiritual field and serving churches, my professionalism stems from many years as previously being a professional educationalist, health professional and trained counsellor.Mary Mariapsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2868http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2866http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=28672868.jpg2866.jpg2867.jpg6715009059921/09/2018 07:0020/09/2018 08:3825/05/2016 15:32OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500905.wavFrom a very early age I knew I had a psychic gift. I can see and hear spirit; this is a hereditary gift which has been passed down from my Grandmother. For over 40 years I have helped people assisted by my Spirit guides. I have clients all over the world including America, Australia and Europe. I can answer questions, whether it is a general reading regarding you're individual circumstances, or the dilemmas you may be are facing at this time, such as love, relationships, careers, family etc.Debbietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3544http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4953http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4954http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3542http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=35433544.jpg4953.png4954.png3542.jpg3543.jpg735002748023/09/2018 05:0020/09/2018 08:0628/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500274.wavI am a gifted Psychic Advisor. I have been doing readings for over 25 years. I love to help others find their true path in life through my ability. I specialise psychic tarot, runes, dreams past present and future. I have a deep knowledge and a kind and sympathetic ear.Soniatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1718http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=224http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6731718.jpg224.jpg673.jpg7335009658020/09/2018 21:0020/09/2018 02:3817/08/2016 08:39OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500965.wavI specialize in the future. I can tell you how the past was, how the present is and future shall be. One call will amaze you of my ability. I use my psychic and astrological abilities to explain to you about your up coming events, I can't wait to speak to you!Jacqueline Wtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7566http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7564http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75657566.jpg7564.jpg7565.jpg7535009858020/09/2018 22:0020/09/2018 00:2530/09/2016 12:01OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500985.wavI am an experienced Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor, Adviser, Life Coach and Parapsychologist, with over 44 years experience. I was born with natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, remote viewing, and empath. I am a Medical Intuitive, health and life coach and I can use Tarot upon request. My specialist areas are love and interpersonal relationships; dream analysis, empowerment, parapsychology and occult phenomena (things that go 'bump' in the night); Goals, direction and life paths, cutting (toxic) ties that bind; alternate life style relationships; uncover self-created obstacles; spiritual development and enhancement.Saccaratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4037http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4035http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=40364037.jpg4035.jpg4036.jpg1605002989020/09/2018 14:0019/09/2018 23:4728/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500298.wavI work with my ancestors and higher guides in love, light and compassion. I'm also a qualified Aromatherapist and do readings with coloured ribbons (psychometry), candle divination and tarot. Whatever your choice it will be done with sincererity and in truth.Yvettetarot,psychic,angel-cardsHi, I’m Yvette, I work with my ancestors and higher guides in love, light and compassion. I'm also a qualified aromatherapist and do readings with coloured ribbons, candle divination and #tarot. My UserID is 500298, I’m available until {1}. https://bit.ly/2Mvn7zj #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1726http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4530http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4529http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=493http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4941726.jpg4530.png4529.png493.jpg494.jpg10036000058019/09/2018 23:4131/10/2017 13:06OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant600005_Sarah-L_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600005.wavI have been working with my psychic gift along with the Tarot for over 20 years, I really enjoy what I do and I always give realistic positive readings to people and like to show them way and possibilities for the future, I mainly do relationship and friendship readings but I can look at life in general too.Band_CSarah Ltarot,psychic,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5831http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5829http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58305831.jpg5829.jpg5830.jpg7845005309020/09/2018 19:0019/09/2018 23:3324/11/2016 16:11OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500530.wavzYG08lGg6Q0I specialise in Tarot readings using the Spanish and Marseilles Mayor Arcana and the Rider-Waite Tarot decks. On request, I also use the Archangels and Ascendant Masters cards in my readings. Applying Tarot, my psychic faculties and knowledge of the Jungian archetypes I will help you in finding all the right answers. You will gain from my readings a compassionate, honest and therapeutical experience that will guide you into finding clarity for your thoughts and balance for your emotions in order to make the right choices. I am bilingual in English/Spanish, a follower of BioNeuroEmocion, a 1st degree in Reiki and I practice Pranic Healing meditation and Ho'oponopono.Band_BNataliatarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4227http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4526http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4525http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4225http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=42264227.jpg4526.png4525.png4225.jpg4226.jpg10986001638019/09/2018 23:3130/01/2018 10:31OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600163.wavI receive messages from the spirit. I specialise in marriage, family and relationship issues. I can offer advice by using my angel cards for answers. I have healing hands and believe in the power of prayer. I discovered my gift when my granddad woke me up from my sleep many years ago. He came to me in spirit as he passed away when I was a small child. I have great belief in spirits as my spirituality has grown and my gift has become stronger. I can tune in to the spirit world and receive answers, advice, love comfort and peace. I have studied angel cards for many years. I'm a great believer that god sends angels to us with messages but unfortunately not everyone can receive them if they not in tune with the universe in that case we use our angel cards.Janinetarot,psychic.angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6459http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6457http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=64586459.jpg6457.jpg6458.jpg9305001198019/09/2018 23:1311/07/2017 12:33OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500119.wavI am a born gifted psychic. I have lots of experience and psychic powers. I could tell you your past, present, future and answer all your questions through life. I could answer about your business, career, love and I also through can help you do your family problems. I've done lots of work for my friends and family and I have a few clients of my own. I'm also a Clairvoyant reader, a tarot card reader, ESP reader of vibration meter. I have many many gifts and many powers.Lisa Bpsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5323http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5321http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=53225323.jpg5321.jpg5322.jpg12746003115020/09/2018 16:0019/09/2018 22:4714/09/2018 08:16OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantI first started reading cards as a teenager, learning from my grandmother how to find meaning in ordinary playing cards. Then I discovered Tarot and was astonished by how much information it could offer. Since taking early retirement I have worked professionally as a reader, doing readings by telephone and email and perhaps using Runes to enhance and confirm what I see in the cards. I sometimes use traditional tarot spreads such as the Celtic Cross but more often I like to construct a spread specifically tailored to your question. I currently offer only emails which I enjoy doing as I feel this approach gives me a little more time to tune in to you and to reflect more deeply on your issues.Band_CAvatarot,psychic,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7632http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7585http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7586http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7630http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76317632.jpg7585.png7586.png7630.jpg7631.jpg985004309920/09/2018 21:0019/09/2018 22:3430/11/2015 11:44OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500430.wavI specialise in focused readings using Lenormand and Tarot in both relationships and career. I am 30 years into my learning curve and always deliver with warmth and honesty. I aim to bring you clarity, guidance and a way forward using the clear vision of the Lenormand as my divination tool.Kittytarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7656http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7654http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76557656.jpg7654.jpg7655.jpg7825005289920/09/2018 14:0019/09/2018 22:0015/11/2016 13:28OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500528.wavMy readings are given with the guidance of spirit. I can't promise to be able to give you all the answers, but I promise the truth of what I see. I truly believe our soul is here to live a destiny pre-planned to enrich it with further knowledge and wisdom. Anyone who as spoken to me before knows I am direct and caring. God bless.Wendy Jpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachI’m Wendy J (500528) and I’m available for your call until {1} My readings are given with the guidance of spirit. I can't promise to be able to give you all the answers, but I promise the truth of what I see. https://bit.ly/2KpVUkK #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4205http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5786http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5787http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4203http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=42044205.jpg5786.png5787.png4203.jpg4204.jpg1455000499020/09/2018 13:0019/09/2018 21:5728/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500049.wavI have been a Clairvoyant and Psychic since a young age. It was passed down from my Grandmother. Why not call me for an in-depth one to one reading. I use Tarot and Angel cards for inner guidance and finding my way through life. I have been helping guide others for many years now, on all aspects of their lives with success.Karentarot,psychic,clairvoyantWelcome to Ask The Answer, I’m Karen and I'm available for a reading until {1} I have been a #clairvoyant and #psychic since a young age. It was passed down from my Grandmother. Find out more about me here: https://bit.ly/2tJBfNq #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1695http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5784http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5785http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=447http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4481695.jpg5784.png5785.png447.jpg448.jpg10256000149020/09/2018 19:0019/09/2018 21:1817/11/2017 17:05OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600014.wavGQn40xTPRF0I'm a down to earth Spiritual Guidance reader, Healer and Soul Midwife. I am a natural empath specialising in compassion and sensitivity and so my sitters always return to me for readings. I work with Intuition, Spirit, Angel and Celtic cards to channel guidance in a way clients can easily absorb in order to help them further their own path and better understand self and relationships.Zoe Kpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7575http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7573http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75747575.jpg7573.jpg7574.jpg1565002379919/09/2018 21:0928/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500237_Amethyst_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500237.wavI am a genuine Romany Clairvoyant. I read the Tarot, Lenormand Oracle, Gypsy Oracle Cards, Crystal Ball and Psychometry. I have over 30 years experience reading privately. I will specialise in romance, relationships, career path, in fact anything that is currently troubling you. I have many years experience bringing positive energies into people's lives enhancing the power of Candle Magic. I can offer you positive advice on this if you are urgently requiring this. I look forward to your call.Band_AAmethysttarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1709http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4562http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4561http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=480http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4811709.jpg4562.png4561.png480.jpg481.jpg1995008139920/09/2018 18:0019/09/2018 20:5628/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500813.wavI relay messages directly from spirit as I get them; I can come across as a frank and open reader who is not afraid to speak my mind. I first was aware of my gift at an early age. When I was five years old I saw a Florence Nightingale figure walking a dog. I have been working the platform at the local Spiritualist Churches for the past 27 years. I have also worked on the phone lines and given many face to face readings. I am also a registered healer I work on voice vibrations and energies over the phone, I also work with my spirit guides and connect with love ones in spirit.Mandapsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2514http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7499http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7500http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2510http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=25112514.jpg7499.png7500.png2510.jpg2511.jpg6835009169919/09/2018 20:1016/06/2016 14:25OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500916.wavI am doing readings for 27 years. I've discovered this gift when I was child because I have ancestors who talk to me and help me to help people. I've started to use the cards when I was 15th years old. My readings tell the truth about the situations just sometimes what I see are not exactly what people want to hear. But I will always do my best to make your life move, on better way. I like to make clear that we are responsible for our destiny, and I could help people to see much clear the situation, it will make much easy to know where it's better to put focus on. It's good to know what's going on to achieve the best connection with the right energy. I'm certified Reiki master, Holistic therapist, Spiritual coach and Mentor. The reading gift I've born with and I'm really glad to be able to help people, clarifying their path.Gracetarot,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6960http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6958http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69596960.jpg6958.jpg6959.jpg7435009759920/09/2018 17:0019/09/2018 19:5421/09/2016 14:09OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500975_Mandy-Louise_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500975.wavI am Clairsentient and Clairaudient and I use the Tarot as a guide to focus on hidden issues or obstacles that maybe blocking the path to your happiness. I can help you with love and relationships plus career and personal life. If you are just starting a new relationship and you are wondering if this is the one or a longer more established relationship is causing concern and you know that something is not right but are struggling to see what the real problem is. The Tarot is a wonderful way of looking at our problems from a unique perspective and along with psychic intuition it can be stunningly insightful. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call, gaining some clarity into your circumstances can help you find the peace of mind you have been looking for.Band_AMandy-Louisetarot,psychic,angel-cardsHi, I’m Mandy-Louise (500975), I am #clairsentient and #clairaudient and I use the #tarot as a guide to focus on hidden issues or obstacles that maybe blocking the path to your happiness. I’m available for phone or IM readings until {1}. https://bit.ly/2yPXW8F #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6665http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4528http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4527http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6663http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=66646665.jpg4528.png4527.png6663.jpg6664.jpg12176002768021/09/2018 06:0019/09/2018 19:1706/07/2018 17:12OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600276.wavCall me. I am here for you with answers and clarity by phone. My reading style is conversational and empathic. I am ethical, professional and insightful. I have found that focusing our life force on the positive, raises our aura frequencies and promotes a lightness of being even in the darkest times and the most difficult of circumstances. I am Clairaudient and Clairvoyant. My Spirit Guides are always with me and I consult them as needed. I maintain a full repertoire of psychic tools. For immediate insight I use divination with dice, (die), Tarot cards, Runes and astrology, including “Charts of the hour.” I am skilled in dream divination. For customers who seek a long term outlook astro charts and are quite beneficial Call me I am here for you with answers and clarity.Gwentarot,psychic,clairvoyant,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7293http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7291http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72927293.jpg7291.jpg7292.jpg1795003718020/09/2018 15:00AnnaSte19/09/2018 19:1528/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500371.wavZJCgG1jesdgI am an experienced Tarot reader specializing in Psychic and Astrological readings. I am direct, open and honest about what I pick up from spirit. I can guide you with emotional intelligence through your consultation. I am especially skilled with matters of the heart and will give to you insight into any area of life where you have questions.Band_BAnna Starot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2800http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2797http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=27982800.jpg2797.jpg2798.jpg9765005669920/09/2018 12:0019/09/2018 19:0931/03/2017 15:11OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500566.wavI am a natural born Psychic medium and Clairvoyant, I am an honest,empathic and a trustworthy reader, I specialize in connecting to my spirit guide which enables me to pass on messages of information from loved ones in the spirit world. I read with the use of Tarot cards, Angel cards, Fortune cards, and the Pendulum to give you an insight into the future.Sue Dtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardsHi, I’m Sue D (500566), I am a natural born #psychic #medium and #clairvoyant. I specialize in connecting to my spirit guide which enables me to pass on messages of information from loved ones in the spirit world. I am logged in until {1}. https://bit.ly/2MrdQrR #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5658http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6435http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6436http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5656http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=56575658.jpg6435.png6436.png5656.jpg5657.jpg6525008859919/09/2018 18:5204/04/2016 15:04OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500885.wavI have been working as a psychic medium for 25 years. I can connect with your loved ones who have passed away using evidence to give you proof and reassurance they are living on in the afterlife. I can also help you with guidance on issues such as job, relationships and family matters. I work on a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient level. I do my readings using my cards and psychic abilities either to give you insightful predictions about questions you have about your life or with my ability as a medium to help you find comfort from your loved ones in the afterlife. Readings are positive, insightful and uplifting.Carrietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3440http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3438http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=34393440.jpg3438.jpg3439.jpg6785009128019/09/2018 18:4207/06/2016 14:28OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500912.wavMy name is Barekia pronounced Ba-ree-key-ah. I've been helping people for over 15 years with various things such as marital issues, spiritual cleansing, sex, financial issues and relationships. I'm very insightful and I don't like to waste time. I will help you or direct you in the path that's needed. Give me a call TODAY.Barekiapsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7508http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7506http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75077508.jpg7506.jpg7507.jpg454000098020/09/2018 17:0019/09/2018 18:2328/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-400009.wavGreetings and blessings. I am Ella and I’m here to read the Tarot with you and connect with Spirit. For most of my life I have studied and worked with tarot, astrology and the runes, worked with spirit through psychic art and mediumship, connecting with loved ones. I am also a Reiki Master and trained hypnotherapist. Together we can ask the angels for guidance and look for answers to your questions.Ellatarot,medium,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1682http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5426http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5427http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1094http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=10951682.jpg5426.png5427.png1094.jpg1095.jpg11606002265019/09/2018 18:1726/03/2018 12:45OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600226_Shantia_AskTheAnswer I'm a true Aquarian who has been in touch with my mystical side since I was 7. Spiritual experiences prompted me to study and gain qualifications in Tarot and Cartomancy, Runes, Dreams and Numerology. I am a Fellow of the New Age Foundation since 2002. I read Tarot, Playing cards, Angel cards as well as astrological insights to provide you with intuitive guidance in an email.Band_CBand_CShantiatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6862http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6860http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68616862.jpg6860.jpg6861.jpg11005001239920/09/2018 13:0019/09/2018 17:5201/02/2018 10:33OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500123.wavI am a clairvoyant medium who works direct with my guides to find answers to questions you need guidance with. I also use if required Tarot cards or Angel cards and pendulum. I have done psychic readings live on Sky TV and at many corporate events. I am empathic to your situation and never judge only giving guidance from spirit.Band_APatsy Duffytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachPatsy Duffy here, (500123), I am a #clairvoyant #medium who works direct with my guides to find answers. I have done #psychic readings live on Sky TV and at many corporate events. You can call or email me, I’m logged in until {1}. https://bit.ly/2z8roXu #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6472http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7029http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7030http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6470http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=64716472.jpg7029.png7030.png6470.jpg6471.jpg3985006488020/09/2018 12:0019/09/2018 17:5028/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500648.wavI use the tarot cards to give in depth readings for people. If you want to look at, relationships, career, money and house moves. I read the tarot using the Celtic cross spread, using a major card and matching it with a minor card, the information given can help you in your life. I have been reading the cards for over 15 years and have completed my advanced Tarot training with Anne-Marie, the founder of Ask The Answer.Fiona Mtarot,astrologyHi, I’m Fiona M, my UserID is 500648. I have been reading the cards for over 15 years and have completed my advanced #tarot training with Anne-Marie, the founder of Ask The Answer. I am logged in until {1} to give you guidance, call now! https://bit.ly/2tLQRQD #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1774http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4532http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5029http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1375http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=13761774.jpg4532.png5029.png1375.jpg1376.jpg12376002945020/09/2018 15:0019/09/2018 17:0603/08/2018 08:03OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600294_Xhanara_AskTheAnswerI am a natural born Psychic and work with my Guides to help bring clarity and insight to your readings, plus help you get answers to all those burning questions. I specialise in love, relationships, breakups, work, career, and family issues and I will conduct a professional email or IM reading to suit your needs. I discovered my gifts at the age of 10 when I began channelling and writing down words and conversations that came through to me. So, I have strong clairaudience and clairvoyant abilities, which have all been strengthened over the past 20 years, working closely with my Guides. As a Psychic reader, my reading style is warm, compassionate, non-judgemental and I can also use divinity tools like tarot or oracle cards to expand on an answer. I am an excellent listener and a calm and inspiring reader with lots of wisdom to share. I will truthfully share what comes through to me in an honest and clear way. So get in touch via Email or IM, I am here to help and answer your questions.Band_CBand_CXhanaratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7415http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7416http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7417http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7413http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74147415.jpg7416.png7417.png7413.jpg7414.jpg1935008028021/09/2018 15:0019/09/2018 16:5128/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500802.wavI am a well known and loved Irish medium. My gift has been passed down from my mother’s side of the family. My mother Angela is my main spirit guide. My grandfather and mother were my first teachers spiritually speaking. My training continued into my twenties with two more wise shamans. My spiritual home is the west coast of Ireland, where I works in the community, bringing insight, joy and blessings from the spirit world to clients. I can guide you too in my straight forward fun way so, why not brighten up your day and call me.Jane O'Haratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1815http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=593http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5941815.jpg593.jpg594.jpg8305005739019/09/2018 16:4612/04/2017 13:40OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500573.wavl am a natural intuitive psychic and Spiritual counsellor. I share my unique understanding of the human condition and connect with spirit using a variety of methods and Tarot decks. I have been involved in spiritual coaching and volunteer based workshops. l first connected with spirit from the age of six and l was able to sense auras and energies around people and had a special gift of knowing what would happen before it did. I can sense information blocking that may be blocking your soul journey and guide you towards a new sense of strength and healing. l do some mediumship and l have done one to one personal clients for the last ten years and l am able to connect to matters relating to family relationship and career. I look forward to connecting with you. Love and light.Micatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6798http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6796http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=67976798.jpg6796.jpg6797.jpg10566000298020/09/2018 13:0019/09/2018 16:0907/12/2017 09:30OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant600029_Amberla_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600029.wavI am a gifted psychic medium who can connect with spirits and loved ones! I’m able to look into your longing questions! Speak with me personally for a reading with your guides. I am sensitive to others feelings and thoughts, as well as using Angel cards to help me see your path in life. I can look into love and relationships, as well as career and life choices. I am here to help guide and connect with your inner being and those around you!Band_CAmberlapsychic,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7489http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7487http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74887489.jpg7487.jpg7488.jpg11916002519920/09/2018 13:0019/09/2018 15:5817/05/2018 14:55OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600251.wavI am a clairvoyant reader and I also incorporate the tarot. I have been a professional psychic for over 9 years. You're reading with me will be informative with many details. I believe there's always a way to achieve your goals and I will be happy to advise you to them. I am an honest psychic will only be truthful with you. Hoping to impress you with my readings.Stashatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachStasha here, (600251), I am a #clairvoyant reader and I also incorporate the #tarot. I have been a professional #psychic for over 9 years. You're reading with me will be informative with many details. Call me, I’m logged in until {1}. https://bit.ly/2KETLkC #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7111http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7109http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71107111.jpg7109.jpg7110.jpg6795009139019/09/2018 15:3908/06/2016 12:09OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500913.wavI am a highly experienced psychic tarot reader. I use Tarot cards as my main tool in readings and I like to give psychic and clairvoyant guidance with Tarot cards as my main starting point. I enjoy giving readings helping clients to get clarity and find confidence and discover new things about themselves and their future. I am very frank and honest in my readings and will deliver messages with sensitivity leaving you to make the right choice for your present and future.Aurora Ctarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3589http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3587http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=35883589.jpg3587.jpg3588.jpg6455008798020/09/2018 14:0019/09/2018 15:0108/03/2016 10:54OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500879.wavI am a gifted Clairvoyant and been practicing with Tarot for 35 years, inherited from a family tradition for 200 years. I use my energies to help and guide into your relationships, career, and travel also any worries you may have at present with a 12 month overview. I adhere to be caring, understanding and friendly with always time to listen to your concerns, and then hopefully I will bring you peace of mind and happiness for the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and look forward to hearing from you soon. Blessings.Wendytarot,clairvoyant,angel-cards,runesHi, I'm Wendy. I am a gifted Clairvoyant and been practicing with Tarot for 35 yrs, inherited from a family tradition for 200 yrs. I use my energies to help and guide into your relationships, career and travel. I’m available until {1} https://bit.ly/2MHFD7A #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7354http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7352http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73537354.jpg7352.jpg7353.jpg10346000198021/09/2018 08:0019/09/2018 14:1027/11/2017 10:52OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600019.wavI’m a Gifted Medium, Tarot and a Spirit expert in finding the answers for you and loved ones. I do a six card reading, also I offer a Crystal reading to connect to loved ones in the afterlife. I describe exactly what your loved ones look like and am able to tell you their name/s. I offer the Crystal reading after the six card psychic reading as this enables me to connect with you, without you saying a word throughout your reading. However if you have questions and wish to ask me to do a shorter reading with a YES/NO answer, this is also available and I will endeavour to listen with a friendly empathetic kindness approach with you. Look forward to giving you the answers you are looking for. Blessings.Zoe-Annetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6022http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6020http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=60216022.jpg6020.jpg6021.jpg5005003488019/09/2018 12:5828/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500348.wavI’m a Psychic Tarot card reader and Clairvoyant with over 15 years of experience. I’m a reader who only tells you what I see good or bad as I feel honest is the best policy, so if you want to know about love and relationships, career, money and finance, house moves, etc, please give me a call, I look to speaking to you.Iantarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2088http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2089http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=20902088.jpg2089.jpg2090.jpg4675007128019/09/2018 12:1428/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500712.wavAs psychic my style of reading is know as "Gypsy Reader" using playing cards as my tools to carry out your reading. I also you colour to read...Chakra Reading I tune into your energy and voice vibrations to conduct the psychic reading. A reading can involve Love, work and finance as well as others that may appear in your circle or social life. My gift derives from my grandparents and my sister is the renowned psychic Samantha Hamilton. I have been featured in the following: Spirit and Destiny, Soul Secret, Voice new paper, Daily Mirror and on TV in Gala Bingo, Destiny Live and the Kilroy Show. I look forward to hearing from you.Hamiltontarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1801http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1603http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=16041801.jpg1603.jpg1604.jpg12306002908019/09/2018 12:0820/07/2018 14:58OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600290.wavI look forward to speaking with you and giving you a one-on-one personal detailed and informative reading. I specialize in love and relationships but also answer all other questions as well with using my spiritually guided tools, tarot and clairvoyance. I look forward to giving 100% on your reading. So click that button and contact me now your answers await.Vivtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7370http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7368http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73697370.jpg7368.jpg7369.jpg2715004839919/09/2018 11:2228/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500483.wavWith having over 30 years experience of working with Spirit I've had the honour of having my Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudiant and Energy Healing abilities well and truly tested within the psychic medium field, which has helped in maintaining a sense of humour that is very much needed in this line of work. Having had these gifts from being a child I've experienced many wonderful happenings and journeys with Spirit and have also had the privilege to talk and help many people seeking guidance and unravel the sufferance they are dealing with. In being able to give them hope, faith and trust back in themselves, people and Spirit. But also in helping them gain that higher understanding that is often needed when wanting to know the whys, ifs and buts of what perhaps is needed to understand in certain circumstances. In order to allow growth of being and to gain acceptance from a higher place within themselves.Avalonpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachI’m Avalon, available until {1}. With over 30 yrs experience of working with Spirit I've had the honour of having my empathic, #clairvoyant, #clairaudiant and energy healing abilities well and truly tested within the #psychic #medium field. https://bit.ly/2Nm7pHZ #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7126http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7124http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71257126.jpg7124.jpg7125.jpg4085006568019/09/2018 10:3728/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500656.wavI am a gifted Psychic and Medium, I also work with spirit and act as a communicator for messages from your loved ones to you. I love being able to help people on their life’s journey. I can tune into what is going on around you and give you insight. Love and light xNatashapsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1777http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1444http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=14451777.jpg1444.jpg1445.jpg7835005299919/09/2018 04:4324/11/2016 12:55OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant http://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500529.wavI am a famous psychic with the Edgar Cayce out of Virginia Beach. I have been on radio and have appeared in magazines in 50 states. I have also have worked with police departments to find missing persons. I have 45 years experience and I am a 5th generation clairvoyant, spirit given messages as I channel also. I can help you with your most needed questions and more. Love and money are my specialities.Angelic Onetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runesI’m Angelic One, I’ve been on radio and have appeared in magazines in 50 states. I have also have worked with police departments to find missing persons. With 45 yrs experience I’m a 5th generation #clairvoyant. I’m logged in until {1}. https://bit.ly/2MKQspu #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4222http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4220http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=42214222.jpg4220.jpg4221.jpg12826003199019/09/2018 01:5114/09/2018 14:27OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600319.wavI am naturally clairvoyant and clairaudient, specialising in love, relationships, work and career. I believe that you can have the love that you desire in your life and the career that you want. I have a unique way of reading where I combine numerology with one tarot card, alongside crystals. My readings are compassionate and non-judgemental. Allow me to guide and support you in having the life you deserve.Lori Startarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7629http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7625http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7626http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7627http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76287629.jpg7625.png7626.png7627.jpg7628.jpg9936000905020/09/2018 18:0019/09/2018 00:5113/10/2017 10:28OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600090_Mother-Tempyst_AskTheAnswerI provide spiritual guidance, energy work and intuitive readings of different kinds. I'm also empathic and a Reiki Practitioner. Card readings that I specialize in are Tarot as well as Oracle. During a session with me, I'm able to tune into your energy frequency and aura signature which allows to me provide guidance that is suited specifically to you in order to assist with your situation in the best way possible.Band_CBand_CMother Tempysttarot,psychic,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7290http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7288http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72897290.jpg7288.jpg7289.jpg7225009548020/09/2018 23:0018/09/2018 23:5105/08/2016 08:29OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500954.wavI am a gifted Spiritual Empath, who primarily uses Angel cards to guide you. I have worked in this field for over 16 years. I will connect with you quickly and assist with relationship problems, employment choices, communication with superiors or fellow workers, travel, loss, a move, loneliness, jealousy, etc. In my readings we delve in together to find what the stumbling blocks are you may be having and find the best solution for you. I am also a Professional Counsellor with 25 years experience. Call and I will guide you honestly, openly and privately.Summertarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3842http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3840http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=38413842.jpg3840.jpg3841.jpg6375008719920/09/2018 21:0018/09/2018 23:2926/02/2016 09:34OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500871.wavI discovered I was a Medium from around the age of 4, I could see and hear spirit people and had regular visits from what I discovered later to be my spirit guides. I started to study the Tarot from the age of 17 and I have been reading them professionally for 40 years. With my Clairvoyant vision, spirit can answer any question at all r.e. past, present and future situations and explain reasons behind a person’s behaviour or any situation so they offer explanations guidance and future predictions. I can connect with your family in the spirit world and also your spirit guides and when the vibrations are conducive, also your Angels. With Clairvoyance and the Tarot I can help with all areas, love, relationships, career or any guidance on any matter and with spirit contact I provide proof that life goes on.Rossanatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3517http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3515http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=35163517.jpg3515.jpg3516.jpg12206002809918/09/2018 23:1311/07/2018 10:12OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600280.wavI am a natural, understanding and sympathetic psychic and I have been working as a psychic reader for over 35 years. My preferred areas to look at are love, relationships and career. I try to give positive, inspirational and intuitive guidance. I show great empathy for my customers, I link into their voice vibrations, aiming to always give giving us a close connection. With my calming, positive nature I wish to reassure and put the callers at ease from the moment the reading begins. Along with my natural psychic skills I also have a guide. I work hands free, relying on my natural senses and guide to give clear messages and guidance. I feel that I am a dedicated, hardworking psychic reader. I love my work and I am extremely passionate, getting a massive high from knowing I am guiding others by giving them possible new options to look at regarding their purpose, and offering a positive outlook on their lives.Felicitytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7554http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7552http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75537554.jpg7552.jpg7553.jpg6605009039918/09/2018 21:4905/05/2016 09:28OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500903.wavI have worked as a professional psychic medium since 1992. I have appeared on numerous live television programs in the US, UK and Germany and I work as a no tools psychic medium. I will know which area of your life you need me to tune into and I will firstly outline your past and present to confirm evidence and validations, we will then look at your future and give timed specific predictions so that you are able to move forward with your future confidently and positively.Michael Ryanpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3487http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7219http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7221http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3485http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=34863487.jpg7219.png7221.png3485.jpg3486.jpg7475009799901/10/2018 18:0018/09/2018 21:3921/09/2016 15:18OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500979.wavWhTZvpUFD3cI am a professional clairvoyant medium and been in the business for over 38 yrs I have worked in Ibiza Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany the United States of America. I always give full in depth readings; I am always supportive and give sincere advice. I am also a paranormal investigator. I have been on ITV1, the BBC, and radio and have been in magazines in the UK and Europe. I specialise in clairvoyance and mediumship. Please don't hesitate to contact me for specialise advice I am here to help!Noel Sorbiepsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4257http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4255http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=42564257.jpg4255.jpg4256.jpg12516003098018/09/2018 21:0021/08/2018 16:24OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600309.wavI'm an intuitive Tarot reader. My speciality is being able to connect with you personally and translate what the tarot is showing you. I'm here to be truthful and give an honest reading. I'll stay with you and help you see behind what you want help with. I'm compassionate and sensitive, I'll connect with your wishes and advise on how to see your dreams become reality and your fears disappear. Contact me and let’s together see what's happening around you. My Tarots and my ability to sense is your window to the unseen influences that can help you right now. Ask and I'll work with you, let me be your advisor, together we can find the answers you require.Sharrontarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7522http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7523http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7524http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7520http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75217522.jpg7523.png7524.png7520.jpg7521.jpg1815003848020/09/2018 19:0018/09/2018 20:1728/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500384.wavI am a Clairvoyant Medium. I am here to help you find a way forward, link with loved ones, and find insight to help with any problems you may have. As a practising medium for many years I have gained insight into the world beyond. My aim is to help you find happiness in this world.Silvertarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1735http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=557http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5581735.jpg557.jpg558.jpg7895005358018/09/2018 19:4402/12/2016 14:21OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500535.wavWhat is your energy signature really saying about your life right now? The people, situations and circumstances that are creating and manifesting; they are matching the vibrational frequency that you are transmitting at that time. What is lowering your personal vibration so that you can stop or change you’re behaviour/the situation? Is your LIFE a constant merry go round of dramas or challenges after challenges? •Delete old emotional hurts, programming, such as resentment, bitterness, grief, or playing the blame game. •Learn to forgive yourself and others. •Stop putting yourself down your list of priorities. •Holding back from speaking your truth. •Not addressing stresses and frustrations. •Needing everything to be exactly right. •Making judgements on others or on yourself. The time has come to become the version of yourself and let go of things that do not support the person you are about to become. The time is now to live in authenticity and move from heartache to JOY.Visionaryclairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6284http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6282http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=62836284.jpg6282.jpg6283.jpg10816001459918/09/2018 19:2409/01/2018 09:40OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant600145_Sarah-The-Muse_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600145.wavYou deserve peace, love and prosperity! For over 20 years (not counting past lives!), I have been providing clarity, hope and sometimes a cosmic booty kicking to thousands of seekers just like you. Along with my natural gifts and expertise, I use tools such as tarot, pendulums, chakra scanning and karmic past lives. Call it whatever "clair..." you will, for me it is simply an act of going neutral and letting Spirit give me a sense of knowing. Sometimes it is in images, words, colors, or even a kinesthetically triggered response (that "bad/good taste" in my mouth). Together we can understand the pros and cons of any situation, empower you to implement the best course of action to achieve the most positive resolution, and embrace your Soul's purpose and unfold your life’s mission. Sometimes these decisions are really, really challenging - we cannot stop the waves, but we can learn how to surf them.Band_ASarah The Musetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6332http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6330http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=63316332.jpg6330.jpg6331.jpg10806001449918/09/2018 19:0909/01/2018 09:38OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600144.wavI'm an Indian Mystic and Chakra Advisor with a cultured gift from the Great Spirit and guidance from The Ancient Fathers. My crystal meditation will assist with clearing blockages affecting your love karma and enlighten the path leading into your secret cosmic mission. While focusing intently on the future, I can also provide you details of guidance that will enhance the clarity of your desires into manifestations. I work for clients through meditation, crystal healing, and candle therapy to eliminate negative energy and chakra pathways for stress alleviation, harmony and peace. I can assist you to Inner peace and self-confidence in relationships. To avoid an unsatisfied reading and appeal honest reviews, please consider the allotted time chosen to address your inquiries as Chakras rotate messages and nature dictates its speed. I will always provide direct Universal messages that are custom made specifically to help you bring life into balance. ~Namaste~Sparkletarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6395http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6393http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=63946395.jpg6393.jpg6394.jpg965004258018/09/2018 19:0228/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500425.wavI specialize in 3 card readings and 5 card readings. I am sensitive and compassionate in handling your reading. Using my “Instinctual Guidance” I will be understanding about any fears you may have. We will explore what is most on your mind, and in your heart. The questions you want to ask, or perhaps the hidden questions that are just below the surface of your subconscious mind and in your “Dreams”.Lunatarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2013http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2014http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=21782013.jpg2014.jpg2178.jpg4285006739918/09/2018 17:3321/02/2018 13:44OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500673_Ingrid_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500673.wavI am a natural clairvoyant and palm reader from a young age and been inherited from my mother and Romany gypsy family. I can read from ordinary playing cards, and fairytale tarot I also use pictures of fairytale tarot to pick up peoples energy and their future. I will describe your strengths and weaknesses and the present and future path. I will build you on your path to your future without being judgemental I specialise in careers and I'm an agony aunt a problem shared is a problem halved.Band_BIngridtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6609http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6607http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=66086609.jpg6607.jpg6608.jpg3655006228018/09/2018 16:5528/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500622.wavI am a compassionate, non judgmental and sensitive reader. I specialise in the tarot, runes, angels and ogham oracles to give guidance, healing and insight into difficult situations that can sometimes throw us off course in life. I believe that there is always a positive path forward. Melanietarot,psychic,angel-cards,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1763http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1247http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=12481763.jpg1247.jpg1248.jpg10716001349918/09/2018 16:3719/12/2017 13:16OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600134.wavI use my extrasensory perception to show what is normally hidden throughout my readings. I give readings with compassion and understanding and will tell you what lies ahead for you in your life. During the reading we can concentrate on specific areas such as career or love life or just take a look at things coming in the future generally. Perhaps you want to know the best time to start a new venture then a reading can give you the best time to do so taking advantage of your karmic payback I like to give my clients the answers to problems that lie ahead and help them understand events that .they are not in control of. Together we can plan how to overcome these difficulties giving my clients the clarity that they need to move forward. I am an Aries so I strive to do my best at all times. I try very hard to give my clients the nest reading I can answer questions and making sure that they are completely happy with the explanations. Or perhaps you have dream that you are unsure of the message it has to tell you.Denisetarot,psychic,clairvoyantI’m Denise, I read with compassion and understanding and will tell you what lies ahead for you in your life. I give answers to problems that lie ahead and help you understand events that you are not in control of. Available until {1}. https://bit.ly/2MJ4FmF #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6238http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7222http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7223http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6236http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=62376238.jpg7222.png7223.png6236.jpg6237.jpg10896001538023/09/2018 21:0018/09/2018 16:1012/01/2018 16:27OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600153.wavI am a fourth generation Psychic Medium. I work with the tarot, angel and oracle cards, my spirit guides, the pendulum and the crystal ball during my readings. I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient Empath who is sensitive to other people's feelings and energy and I am a certified Reiki Master Practitioner. I became aware of my gift when I was a teenager. My most memorable psychic medium experience was when I was visited by my Nan when she passed and that was even before my family were notified about her death. I am a certified Medium, Tarot Reader and Oracle Card Reader. I also use a pendulum for those quick yes or no questions and a crystal ball for further insight and enhanced energy during a reading. I look forward to providing a reading and further insight for you wherever you are at in life at the moment. I look forward to your call, blessings.Pagan Skyetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6372http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6370http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=63716372.jpg6370.jpg6371.jpg9105001269918/09/2018 15:1704/07/2017 14:19OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant http://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500126.wavI work directly with sprit to remove blocks in the subconscious mind. Advising those people who most needed support at difficult stages fills my heart with love light and wisdom which I then pass on to them. This creates for them a better understanding of themselves to create their true desires in their lives. Most importantly helping people to love themselves is what motivates me to be here for those who trust the information I receive. I’ve over 20 years of experience in tarot and psychic readings within counselling, advising and predicting. My customers are very satisfied with my life guidance. During readings various teachers and guides make their presence felt through my own body wisdom. This wisdom and prudence enable me to link to the client's energy field and aura that allows me to read their life path which give me access to vital information that may be blocking or inhibiting the free flow of life that the client wishes to experience.Thomastarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5199http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5197http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=51985199.jpg5197.jpg5198.jpg3605006219918/09/2018 14:4328/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500621.wavI am from a long line of Romany Gypsies and my ancestors have passed down their psychic gifts strictly to the female side for over 7 generations. Every person has a role in the family and along with some of my Auntie’s I inherited the gift of clairvoyancy or ‘fortune telling’ and even as a small child I read palms for people. I am very intuitive and claircognizant. I have sat in circle and I teach Psychometry and Tarot Cards. I can use a combination of tools such as cards, tea leaves, crystal ball or just solely mediumship I am open to whatever you suggest. I can also send healing over the phone using my Reiki charged healing book. I am a uniquely qualified and experienced Clairvoyant and I can provide you with an insightful and personalised reading.Rosemarietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1977http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7035http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7036http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3793http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=37941977.jpg7035.png7036.png3793.jpg3794.jpg10536001185018/09/2018 13:0206/12/2017 16:04OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600118_Sharon-S_AskTheAnswerI am a reader with 21+ years experience. I specialise in the Mythic Tarot deck, but on request I can read from the Lenormand and ordinary playing cards. I'm an intuitive reader who is also an empath. Using the cards to help provide people with guidance and insight into their lives is hugely fulfilling for me and it'd be my pleasure to offer you this service, as I've done for many others. When reading the cards I believe a down-to-earth approach is best when tuning into your situation. I look forward to reading for you. :)Band_CBand_CSharon Starot,psychic,angel-cards,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6133http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6131http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=61326133.jpg6131.jpg6132.jpg1955008058021/09/2018 15:0018/09/2018 11:4128/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500805.wavNatural born Healer, Clairvoyant and Medium. I connect through my Guides and the Angels, I also have Angel Cards which if asked can be used. I feel, so I am also Clairsentient, I see colour, images and descriptions and feel emotions within relationships and life situations. I have strong Healing gifts and can channel distant healing when needed or asked. I offer guidance, understanding and positive thought in all aspects of life. Happy to help and guide you xxKarissepsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardsHi, Karisse here, UserID 500805, I see colour, images and descriptions and feel emotions within relationships and life situations. I have strong #healing gifts and can channel distant healing when needed or asked. I’m available until {1}. https://bit.ly/2yP3mAx #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1816http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=599http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6001816.jpg599.jpg600.jpg12356002989918/09/2018 11:3925/07/2018 13:20OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600298.wavI’m an Empath and Intuitive Consultant with 28 years psychic experience and professional since 2012. I come from a psychic family and worked in health sciences around the world, absorbing and learning traditions as I travelled. I became aware of my abilities through friends asking for help, from healing to remote viewing or soul retrieval, and I have been working with my guides for more than 25 years whilst also training in reiki, crystals and mediumship to better serve. My readings are led by you the client to shine light on issues needing resolution and understanding. I focus on relationships, professional and career issues, Akashic Records and future life directions. When you call me, we will work with your questions and preferences within the reading space, led by you to provide the answers you seek. I look forward to talking with you soon, Bright Blessings and Love and Light.Claretarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7409http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7407http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74087409.jpg7407.jpg7408.jpg12776003145018/09/2018 11:3414/09/2018 09:08OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600314_Amanda-B_AskTheAnswerI am a gifted clairaudient and clairsentient, who can connect with spirits and loved ones. I have a natural ability to sense others emotions and to get to the heart of a problem. I have been using the tarot for over ten years and have a broad experience of face to face psychic readings. I base my service on years of Psychic experience and ability, all my readings are honest and professional, and I am here to help you in every way possible. I am an open-hearted, friendly and non-judgmental psychic who believes in telling the truth with a great deal of compassion as well, I am a very good listener, I take my time to answer your questions and help you solve your problems. I can give you solutions, I can give you directions, I will point these things out to you, and I will guide you to see the light and bring you solutions in your life and solve any and all problems. My psychic insights are always informative and will make you feel able to make positive choices.Band_CBand_CAmanda Btarot,psychic,angel-cards,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7599http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7605http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7606http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7597http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75987599.jpg7605.png7606.png7597.jpg7598.jpg9555001019918/09/2018 11:3115/08/2017 13:40OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500101.wavI am a Psychic Clairvoyant, also a remote viewer. I’ve been doing this for over 25 years. I’ve been featured in local and national newspapers and on LBC Radio. I don't ask you lots of questions. I tell it as I see it so honesty is important to me. My readings are delivered with the upmost integrity. I specialise in love and relationships but can cover many other areas too. I can also read around others that may be influencing your life.Juliet Jamestarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5561http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6779http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6780http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5559http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=55605561.jpg6779.png6780.png5559.jpg5560.jpg5305007469920/09/2018 13:0018/09/2018 11:2705/10/2017 08:18OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500746.wavI specialise in reading Angel cards, I have been reading cards for forty years. I am very privileged to work with my Spirit Guide who assists me in the Spirit World. I have been Clairvoyant and Psychic since a very young age. It originated from my father’s family and was passed onto me. I have been featured in many magazines, including been voted Best in Soul and Spirit magazine after reading the Editors cards. I can assist you with relationship/career. Finding the peace of mind you have been looking for.Suzannahpsychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardsI’m Suzannah (500746) and I'm available for a reading until {1} I have been reading angel cards for forty years. I have been featured in many magazines, including been voted Best in Soul and Spirit magazine after reading the Editors cards. https://bit.ly/2tQ1v9X #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6511http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6509http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65106511.jpg6509.jpg6510.jpg9086000608018/09/2018 10:4404/07/2017 10:11OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600060_Carly_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600060.wavI am a psychic and clairvoyant. I can tune to energy and tell you what I feel the person is thinking and feeling and what will happen next? I access undiluted information from my spiritual guides to help you find your way in the directions of love, happiness, money, growth and future direction. I also have experience with tarot cards and a crystal ball.Band_CBand_CCarlytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7560http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7558http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75597560.jpg7558.jpg7559.jpg11076001718020/09/2018 23:0018/09/2018 03:0609/02/2018 16:20OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600171.wavmMlpAA48hqUDo you feel lost and confused? Allow me to assist you in finding answers and alleviating you of any unnecessary stress. I am certified as a reiki master teacher and I am also certified as a RYT (registered yoga teacher) I can assist you in proper breathing techniques which will restore your energy and stabilize it. I also work with chakra therapy and aura therapy. Together we can find out which road is the best one for you to go down, I am your guide, your Fairy guide that can shed light on those frightening shadows and together we can make your world magical and enchanted.Fairy Queentarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,runesHello, I’m Fairy Queen (600171), see my intro video: https://youtu.be/mMlpAA48hqU Do you feel lost and confused? Allow me to assist you in finding answers and alleviating you of any unnecessary stress. I’m logged in until {1}. My profile: https://bit.ly/2u1DKdZ #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6522http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6520http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65216522.jpg6520.jpg6521.jpg8315005749918/09/2018 00:3918/04/2017 08:54OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500574.wavI have been a psychic for over 30 years, from an early age I could predict the outcomes of future events. I began to understand my gifts and use them professionally from the age of 19. I work psychically as well as using crystals, my crystal ball and more recently playing cards. My readings are uplifting yet straight talking, giving you insight to enable you have a clearer understanding of your current situation and see the choices before you. I specialise in love and relationships but am equally adept with careers and home life.Marytarot,psychic,angel-cards,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7253http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7250http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72527253.jpg7250.jpg7252.jpg11246001889017/09/2018 22:1322/02/2018 13:08OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600188.wavWelcome to, "Relationship Calls!" Since 1996, my joy and specialty has been to help people just like you with my Psychic love readings. I look deep in a Psychic way into my callers love-relationships, and help answer their important questions as well as resolve their love issues. Ladies, I can help you to untangle the conflicts in your relationships or marriage, as well as look to see who your future man may be. Gentlemen, are you and your woman at a standstill? If so, let me tune in and assist you with my Psychic visions. In either case, to all of you, love is not as complicated as many might think. It's time for you and happiness to meet! Let me solve your love puzzle? And during your Reading, remember to ask for your personal Dream Interpretation. Every dream means something! I look forward to helping you. Thank you.Andrepsychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6622http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6620http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=66216622.jpg6620.jpg6621.jpg12386002955020/09/2018 15:0017/09/2018 22:0503/08/2018 08:17OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600295_Starstorm_AskTheAnswerI come from a beautiful and powerful family blood line of both Sage and Seer's who work in and with light to heal and empower. I am 4th generation Seer (bloodline born) My belief: that love, good grace and consideration can conquer the hardest of hearts, my hope: that I can inspire you to trust in who you are, so that you learn to tune in with calmness... and to listen to your own inner guide, and by trusting this, that you will become everything you were born and blessed to be. Full of empowered hope, courage and joy.Band_CBand_CStarstormtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7420http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7421http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7422http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7418http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74197420.jpg7421.png7422.png7418.jpg7419.jpg8195005559917/09/2018 21:0215/03/2017 13:59OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500555.wavMy readings are straightforward, empowering, in–depth and help give you insight, balance and perspective in your relationship, career and personal areas. I'm an intuitive empath and psychic with clairaudient, clairsentient and synesthetic skills with over 17 years of experience. I'm a TABI registered Tarot reader and a certified Gemstone Therapy practitioner. My readings are respectful of your free will and help you feel more empowered and able to trust in your problem–solving ability in your journey ahead. Your answers live within you and I'm here to help you reclaim them.Ameliatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4585http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4583http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=45844585.jpg4583.jpg4584.jpg53550075199KatieBur17/09/2018 20:5428/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant500751_Psychic-Kay_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500751.wavI have been aware of my psychic senses since the age of 11, and have been performing psychic readings for many years with the help of my spirit guide Martha, who is also my late, great grandmother. I come from a family of psychic women and love to use my gift to provide you insight and guidance, my aim is all about positivity and to make you feel happier in your life and about your situations. I am very much freehand however I also incorporate my archangel power tarot cards to enhance your reading experience.Band_ABand_APsychic Kaytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2475http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2473http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=24742475.jpg2473.jpg2474.jpg8015005448020/09/2018 19:0017/09/2018 19:4713/01/2017 11:05OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant500544_Vivian_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500544.wavI have been reading people and pets for over 35 years. My television appearances include healing with crystals, the coming year predictions and pet readings to name a few. I am naturally clairvoyant and use tarot cards, astrology and numerology to help pinpoint specifics in readings, such as timelines. I can help you interpret your dreams and symbolism within your dreams as well, and can help you be more in tune with your intuition. Perhaps you would like to know where your relationship is headed, or if you will reconnect with that special someone from the past. I can help you find the answers to those questions. Are you looking for a new job or wondering if you will get that raise? Those are questions I can help you with as well. Would you like to have a glimpse into the future and see what surprises might be in store for you and those close to you? Whatever you would like to know or are looking for the answers to are all issues I can look into for you in your reading!Band_CBand_CViviantarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4361http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4359http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=43604361.jpg4359.jpg4360.jpg12226002829917/09/2018 18:3013/07/2018 08:26OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600282.wavBorn in Canada, I discovered at a young age that I had inherited the psychic gift that my Mother and Great Grandmother had. Both worked as professional psychics and helped thousands of clients looking for answers to their most pressing problems. I have taken my psychic gift and refined it very well over time. Being a professional psychic for over 30 years I have the experience and expertise to help you overcome the pain and confusion that happens in your life. I have done thousands of successful readings for clients from all walks of life. My name is David Madison. "I give you the truth even if it hurts"David Madisontarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7324http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7322http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73237324.jpg7322.jpg7323.jpg275001799017/09/2018 17:4109/05/2017 14:45OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500179.wavI have been working as a Tarot Reader for over 20 years using my skills of empathy and understanding assisting clients to gain valuable insights into all areas of their lives including romance, family, divorce and finances. I help clients to work through the difficulties they face and reclaim control of their lives.Jacquelinetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachI’m Jacqueline (500179), available until {1}. I have been working as a #tarot reader for over 20 yrs using my skills of empathy and understanding assisting clients to gain valuable insights into areas including romance, family and divorce. https://bit.ly/2KN2LBa #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4811http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=86http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6724811.jpg86.jpg672.jpg8085005518017/09/2018 16:5830/01/2017 12:41OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500551.wavI am a talented Angel card reader, who will give you an insightful and specific reading on any aspect of your life. I work with spirit and astrology to give you a divine and confidential reading. I also use Tarot cards and crystals in my readings. In a reading you can expect pure and trustworthy messages from the angels from a non-judgemental and understanding reader. I began reading after years of meditation and listening to spirit and decided to use my gift in order to help others connect to their loved ones. My most memorable experience was connecting a young mother with her son.Saltarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4408http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4406http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=44074408.jpg4406.jpg4407.jpg11266001908017/09/2018 15:5023/02/2018 10:22OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600190.wavI'm a thoughtful, considerate and warm reader, always there to talk and an open ear to listen. I work with my intuition and I am honest. I can work with tarot and angel cards also but I mainly work without tools, I work by providing general readings based on whatever message I get coming through around you in the area of your life and specific readings where you may want me to look into a particular area and will deliver your reading in a clear way that is insightful to the best of my ability and gives you the clarity you need.Mysticaltarot,psychic,angel-cardsHi, I’m Mystical. I'm a thoughtful, considerate and warm reader, always there to talk and an open ear to listen. I work with my intuition. I can work with tarot and angel cards also but I mainly work without tools. I’m logged in until {1}. https://bit.ly/2tUXikm #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6632http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6630http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=66316632.jpg6630.jpg6631.jpg2825004209917/09/2018 14:4828/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500420.wavI have been giving clairvoyant readings since I was 14 years old, though I have been aware of Spirit from a very young age. When I was 20 I decided to develop my psychic awareness and mediumship in a more controlled supervised environment so I attended the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted and later on at the beautiful, Hafany Coed Spiritual Centre in Wales and of course I have visited many Spiritual Churches. I am a natural healer and I love Crystals so much so that I studied them and obtained a diploma in Crystal Healing from the Natural Health Sciences. I am currently learning Reiki. I pass on messages and evidence from the spirit world to and you and you don’t need to be in the same room for me to be able to do this. Your loved ones know who you are. My readings are done with love, understanding and empathy and I do not judge.Paulatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2346http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1446http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=14472346.jpg1446.jpg1447.jpg11406002048017/09/2018 14:3007/03/2018 15:48OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600204.wavAre you looking for answers? In need of truth and clarity? I can help. The services I offer here include 1 to 1 personal tarot readings, combined with my psychic ability I am able to bring messages through that you need to hear. Spirit will show me what will help you most at this time, so if you are looking for something insightful I am the reader for you. I specialize in general readings as well as love, money, career, life purpose and your soul's destiny in this lifetime.Leah Indigotarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6718http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6716http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=67176718.jpg6716.jpg6717.jpg10266000158017/09/2018 14:2220/11/2017 15:44OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600015.wavTarot is my specialty and I’ve been working with it for many years. With the aid of my guides and using the Celtic Cross spread, I will give you an in-depth and honest answer to your question. I’m also a Life and Business Coach and combine these skills to help you on your journey towards happiness and a fulfilled life.Kathryntarot,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5976http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5974http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=59755976.jpg5974.jpg5975.jpg10626001299017/09/2018 14:1518/12/2017 15:05OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600129.wavI am highly intuitive, empathic and sensitive Spiritual Teacher and Angel Tarot Card Reader. I have been on a spiritual path for over 20 years, beginning with crystals and crystal healing. I love helping others discover their life purpose, to help them live without fear, worry or anxiety and I would love to help you review your life path including love, self-love, life purpose, relationships, career and your goals. I am also a Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and adore assisting others to live positively and in the present moment by reviewing their life path via angel tarot and intuitive readings. I am open and honest about what the cards reveal, it is then up to you if you follow their guidance.Emmapsychic,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6190http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6188http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=61896190.jpg6188.jpg6189.jpg12076002678021/09/2018 10:0017/09/2018 11:4118/06/2018 13:37OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600267.wavI’m an experienced professional psychic medium and provided many readings. I have had many spiritual experiences in my life starting from childhood including precognition, plus experienced amazing synchronicities! I have developed mediumship in local spiritualist churches and received SNU training for a year. I have demonstrated mediumship at local spiritualist churches and spiritual centres. Attended many spiritual development workshops led by reputable mediums. I am passionate about and love the Tarot and other divination card decks. They bring a wealth of information. I have attended tarot meetups, conferences and was part of a regular tarot meet up group. I received a great opportunity to contribute to a tarot book called Tarot Reversals. I have also worked as a trained RN over 18 years and even though I no longer practice it will always be part of me and is invaluable for helping people. Look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch; let us see what you can discover!Clairetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,astrologyHi, I'm Claire and you can get a reading on Ask The Answer with me right now as I am logged in until {1} I’m a caring and compassionate person hope to bring you clarity and guidance on your unique life path. https://bit.ly/2lEJkiX #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7204http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7202http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72037204.jpg7202.jpg7203.jpg945004228021/09/2018 06:0017/09/2018 06:4618/02/2015 10:48OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500422.wavAs a child I used to watch my Grandmother give tea leaf readings and as I grew up I stared to become more and more aware that I was also naturally gifted. This awareness got stronger over time and about 10 years ago I started giving readings to family and friends using angel cards, runes and crystals. You can call me with a specific question or for a general reading I am an open, sensitive, honest reader and I will give you an honest answer.Dellatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1741http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=287http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6681741.jpg287.jpg668.jpg12816003188021/09/2018 17:0017/09/2018 05:1214/09/2018 12:29OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI’m a Metaphysical Reverend and work with Angel Cards and Energy therapies. As a 7 lifepath born on a 7 day in a 7 year I’m the real deal. I use Numerology, Astrology, the Cards and my connection to the Angelic Realm to offer you both Guidance and support. As I work with energy your healing continues long after the call has ended. My clients come from all walks of life and they know that what we speak about is completely confidential.Bramblewingspsychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7619http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7620http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7621http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7617http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76187619.jpg7620.png7621.png7617.jpg7618.jpg6405008748022/09/2018 22:0016/09/2018 23:5026/02/2016 14:02OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500874.wavI have been aware of the spiritual world since my childhood where I met my spiritual guides and helpers. I have been working professionally as a psychic and spiritual medium for over 15 years. I work with Tarot cards to offer guidance and encourage you to move forward in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead. You will receive a highly insightful reading where you feel you need most guidance.TJtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3355http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3353http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=33543355.jpg3353.jpg3354.jpg2465004699916/09/2018 23:5031/05/2016 16:08OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500469.wavLike most on my Fathers side of the family, I am gifted. I have a strong intuition which helps me give clear and insightful Tarot card readings. I am also a practising Pagan. I can help you with Spell Casting, Law of Attraction and Intuitive Life Coaching. I use the Tarot to see where you are heading based on your current position. I can also advise you how manifest the life you want and banish any negative beliefs which may be holding you back.Auroratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3551http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=800http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=8013551.jpg800.jpg801.jpg12126002729016/09/2018 22:3422/06/2018 10:11OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600272.wavI’m new to Ask The Answer but not to doing 1-2-1 readings. I’ve been psychic for as long as I can remember but my spirit guides introduced themselves to me as a young teenager. I have read tarot now for over 20 years and love helping others with my gift. Spirit have guided me to this platform so here I am ;-) I will be so blessed to work with you today. My gift made possible by spirit is hearing seeing and feeling them close. I’m also an empath so will tune into you personally. I also use tools of tarot, oracle and angel cards and for instant questions. I can use my pendulum for you. Not to take advantage of my gift I will donate a percentage of my earnings to a different charity each month to help even more people. I will also send everyone who connects with me spiritual healing after my shift is over. I look forward to guiding you on the right path and striding you forward to the new exciting chapter that awaits! I will answer any questions you have with honesty and compassion. Love and light B xxBettinatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7247http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7245http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72467247.jpg7245.jpg7246.jpg645000708016/09/2018 22:2420/07/2018 17:21OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500070.wavI am a Spiritualist Medium. I also use Tarot and Angel Cards, Crystal ball, Automatic writing. I have been aware of my ability since the age of 5 years old. I would have premonitions and a feeling of knowing, intuition and very sensitive. I have worked in Spiritualist Churches and Centres, all over the country and abroad. I have built up a great client base over the years. Look forward to helping you, with that much needed guidance.Eddietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7380http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7378http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73797380.jpg7378.jpg7379.jpg5465007629916/09/2018 22:0528/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500762.wavI am a psychic medium and clairvoyant and I use my psychic abilities and sense of awareness to help you evolve and develop your own awareness to its highest potential. During your reading I will cover as much of your physical life and your spiritual requirements as possible (depending on were you would like me to place my focus). Please state at the beginning of your reading whether it is mediumship you require in connection with a loved one, family or friends that you are seeking. Alternatively, if it is a general reading that you seek please state at the start tarot cards only. I will pass all information that I feel is relevant to your past, present & future.Davidtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3397http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3395http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=33963397.jpg3395.jpg3396.jpg9875009028016/09/2018 21:5411/10/2017 13:56OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500902.wavI am a professional Psychic and I have qualifications including Complementary Therapies, Coaching, Counselling, Reiki, Feng Shui, and Energy Healing. These bring an added dimension to my work which means my readings are holistic in approach. I have given readings for over 20 years. I have been holding workshops and retreats for over 5. I am a very empathic and non-judgmental. I am here with my skills and divination tools or simply to talk through an issue in order to gain clarity. When you decide to have a reading with me it would be useful to bear in mind the following: That we should all be open and receptive to answers and information provided, and understanding that I am a channel for spirit. That you have a clear mind and heart and are receptive and respectful towards me as I will be to you. This is a 2 way process. I will not sugar coat your readings or tell you what you want to hear as this will stop you moving forward and taking charge of your own life. However, I will do it with love and compassion.Shannontarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7260http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7258http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72597260.jpg7258.jpg7259.jpg12806003178016/09/2018 20:5514/09/2018 10:13OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600317.wavI may be new to this website but I have been aware of my psychic ability since I was a child and have used my gift over the last 15 years. I used a mix of tarot cards and linking in with my spirit guides to deliver hundreds of readings to bring comfort, closure and guidance when you are feeling stuck. I now mainly work with my guides to link to spirit. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognisant. Over the years I have assisted finding pets; helped solve crimes and link in with people who have difficulties in communicating. I can give a general spirit reading linking in to your loved ones who have passed, or a specific message focusing in on one area whether it is love; career; relationships just let me know and I can hone into whatever area you wish more clarity. Thank you for reading my profile. Wishing you love and light.Xallietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7638http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7615http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7616http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7636http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76377638.jpg7615.png7616.png7636.jpg7637.jpg4135006598016/09/2018 19:4628/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500659.wavI offer psychic straight talk; if you are serious about understanding the motivations of friends, family, lovers and even enemies, contact me. I'm honest and direct and I do my best to simplify complex spiritual messages. If you want the truth about your significant other and you are not afraid, contact me and let me help you. If you sincerely want to be in harmony with people that matter, I can give you powerful psychic insight that will help you. Griffintarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1778http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1429http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=14301778.jpg1429.jpg1430.jpg7935005388020/09/2018 23:00CalOre16/09/2018 18:2309/12/2016 09:03OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500538.wavI use my uncanny intuition (a gift since age 8), astrology and tarot cards to tune into peoples' multi-challenges. Need guidance with finding your soul mate, money matters or work woes? As an empath, I can quickly tap into your inner voice and help you to discover the right answers for you right now. I’m a down-to-earth reader with an earthshaking track record of sensing the present and future spot-on. Let me tap into your energy ASAP and give you a clear picture of what's rocking your world. I’m here for you with my energizing, soothing healing powers. P.S. I am a frequent guest on a major U.S. live radio show where I'm asked for Earth changes predictions. One year I was voted the psychic to have the most accurate ratio of hits. I get messages, images, numbers...Band_CZentarot,psychic,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4306http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4304http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=43054306.jpg4304.jpg4305.jpg5045004109016/09/2018 15:1728/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500410.wavI am here to listen and relay any information that comes through I've been giving readings privately; in person at exhibitions and events; on the phone and online since 2006 I use a variety of tools - tarot, numerology, angel cards, chakra energy, astrology, healing and whatever else I see hear or feel Much love, C xxCharnjittarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6976http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6974http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69756976.jpg6974.jpg6975.jpg9365001168016/09/2018 10:3420/07/2017 08:46OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500116.wavI have been successfully reading tarot cards all over the country for 30 years. My readings are enjoyable, encouraging and informative and truthful and together with my clairvoyant and psychic ability have helped many people with their lives over the years. I have shocked many people with the insight in my readings and have often confirmed many occurrences in my client’s lives and together with my predictions can solve many a problem. All consultations are treated in the strictest confidence.Krystinatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5371http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5369http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=53705371.jpg5369.jpg5370.jpg11386002028020/09/2018 21:0016/09/2018 09:1907/03/2018 10:09OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600202.wavI am a psychic into Richard leader. I specialize in love and relationships and I am able to answer all questions such as if he or she is the right one for you and what is the difference between a twin flame and soul-mate. I am a compassionate, caring and sensitive reader I am here to guide you to the path for you belong.Theresatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6705http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6703http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=67046705.jpg6703.jpg6704.jpg10506001155015/09/2018 18:1006/12/2017 15:12OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600115_Anton_AskTheAnswerI have started reading tarot over 35 years ago when given a deck by my grandmother. I have always been very sensitive to spirit and, while have been reading the cards on and off for almost 35 years, I've been doing so professionally for the last 10 years. I also work with Oracle and Angel cards and, my strong intuition and empathy makes it easier for me to give guidance. I have run talks and workshops at the London Tarot Study Group for over two years and, while the group no longer runs every month (at present), it did so successfully for 8 years. I am also a qualified colour therapist and life coach and I like to integrate this within my readings when possible for more depth. I have also held talks and workshops at the London Tarot Festival (run by the lovely Kim Arnold of the UK Tarot conference) and continue to be involved within the tarot and spiritual community.Band_CBand_CAntontarot,psychic,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7453http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7451http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74527453.jpg7451.jpg7452.jpg7345009669915/09/2018 17:0518/04/2018 10:02OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500966.wavI am a certified Psychic for 25 years, natural born gifted psychic of 5 generations, read thousands of people from all walks of life, and countries. I am a Chanellor, Clairvoyant spirit reader, Empath, Healer and Master Tarot reader. I give spirit energy readings which connect to your soul through your energy and vibrations, with your name and questions of concern I can give you an in depth reading. I provide you with real answers to your questions and help you develop direction on the path to achieving your deepest desires. With healing energies, and reading you will feel calm, centred, and clearer about all situations, with a positive two fold end result, either to uncover a problem area, and or to help a person with some suggestions, be it a self help book, or give the client all the tools necessary for their own discovery of possible solutions. Together will attempt to resolve it, a realistic prognosis to covering all questions whether it's for love, finance, or career.Kydratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3919http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3917http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=39183919.jpg3917.jpg3918.jpg3575002399921/09/2018 11:0015/09/2018 14:1628/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500239.wavI specialise in reading the tarot cards. I have been reading the cards for over 20 years and I am very privileged and honoured to work with my spirit guide 'Jenny' who assists me in giving insightful and honest readings. Allow me to tune in to your energies and give you an honest and clear reading.Band_AChristine-Anntarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1710http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1223http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=12241710.jpg1223.jpg1224.jpg6255008599915/09/2018 10:5805/02/2016 16:41OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500859_Leonora_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500859.wavI am a World renowned Psychic; my readings for celebrities have been published in national magazines and I have performed readings on live television and given personal readings to well known television personalities. I bring you 'Messages from the Angels', 'Guidance from the Spirit Guide' and insightful readings using my psychic abilities. I can recall that since the age of 5 was aware of another dimension as I saw and ‘felt’ the presence of spirits around me, As I learned to tune in to information being received from those around me I began to feel the emotions of the people I linked with. I saw images, colours and snippets of information relating to their past, present and future. Words would just pop into my mind and sometimes a scene would be displayed in front of me. As I followed through a series of symbols and actions in the scene I relayed this information and found I was in fact doing an intuitive reading. I started to become aware that I was being guided.Band_ALeonoratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3276http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3274http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=32753276.jpg3274.jpg3275.jpg10416000268015/09/2018 02:4829/11/2017 10:28OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600026.wavI’m a God gifted psychic with 20 years of experience. I specialize in soulmates, love life and careers. I give honest answers only and no sugar, just the truth. Love and light to you all.Seventarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6253http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6251http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=62526253.jpg6251.jpg6252.jpg1424000245014/09/2018 21:3209/10/2017 09:29OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant400024_Vanessa_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-400024.wavI have many many years experience of doing psychic and tarot readings. I began by doing readings for family and friends after an out of body experience heightened my 'gifts' and I really opened up spiritually. I then attended a spiritualist church and development classes which helped me focus and learn even more.I am a Piscean and one of the traits of this is being able to pick up on how people are really feeling and so being able to help and advise in this way also. Relationships, career, family or just a bit of guidance into your life path, I will try to help you understand what is happening both now and in the future. Looking forward to hearing from you xBand_CBand_CVanessatarot,psychic,angel-cards,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5689http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5687http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=56885689.jpg5687.jpg5688.jpg8045005479914/09/2018 20:5717/01/2017 13:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500547.wavDuring my childhood I was aware of presences, which I did not fully understand. I was brought in an old Victorian house. Whilst I was growing up a young girl often appeared to me. I had no fear of her at that time. Due to her disturbing the rest of the family and visitors to the house, I realized she was not of this world. Her presence taught me that beyond any doubt there is more to life than we know. I have developed my Clairvoyance and Psychic gifts and now work with them on a daily basis. I demonstrate, teach, write on the subject and advise in any way I can.Iristarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4379http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4377http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=43784379.jpg4377.jpg4378.jpg4515000508014/09/2018 20:5410/10/2017 16:28OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500050.wavI am a Psychic Clairvoyant and a Crystal Ball reader. I have had a gift since a very young age. I specialise in love and relationships. I have been working as a professional reader for the past 15 years. I can connect through your voice. I am an empathatic, caring and down to earth reader. I give good guidance and reassurance to my clients. I can see colours, images and letters in my Crystal Ball. I try to change negative situations into positive ones. I work from my heart. I work with my spirit guides who enlighten me. I do a lot of meditation before my reading.Tiaratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5705http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5703http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=57045705.jpg5703.jpg5704.jpg1314000279914/09/2018 12:3728/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-400027.wavI am a Psychic, Clairvoyant Medium. I first became aware of my pyschic abilities when I was 4 years old. I didn’t know they were psychic abilities then, I just knew I had a benevolent figure watching over me. I called him the tall man but then again everyone is tall when you’re 4. I didn’t understand who he was and why he came but if I was ill or upset I could sense him or feel him around me. As I was growing up I knew or felt that I was different to everyone else but I couldn’t fathom why. During the first reading I ever had, the reader told me I had psychic ability and I would give consultations and do this as a living. I didn’t believe them as I felt that I wasn’t qualified to do such things but she told me I was already qualified and that I had natural ability. In 2008 I started to hear spirit and I knew then that the tall man was John and he is my spirit guide. Moonstonetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardsI’m a #psychic, #clairvoyant #medium. I first became aware of my psychic abilities when I was 4 years old. I didn’t know they were psychic abilities then, I just knew I had a benevolent figure watching over me. Call me until {1}, Moonstone https://bit.ly/2MI2EHq #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1685http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7217http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7218http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=401http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4021685.jpg7217.png7218.png401.jpg402.jpg12416002998014/09/2018 08:0503/08/2018 09:24OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600299.wavI have been reading for over 15 years. I have also been practising *white magick for 20 years. I read using my hand and have the ability to speak with those in spirit. I have been doing this a while so there is not much I haven't been asked, haven't helped a person through and haven't been able to advise on. I am a listener, compassionate, empathetic and I really do care about my clients and will do all I can to leave a person feeling happy and hopeful even if the news isn't great. There is wisdom in everything that happens in life if only we see it.Leaf Greentarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7435http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7433http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74347435.jpg7433.jpg7434.jpg11946002548021/09/2018 23:0014/09/2018 03:3231/05/2018 12:34OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantHildwGUEE5kI offer clairvoyant guidance to help you make the best possible choices in life. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and professional natural psychic reader with 20 years experience. I use my gift to connect with your soul and spirit guides alongside oracle cards to shed light on your path and empower you to move forward. If you'd like a compassionate, non-judgemental and direct messenger, I'd love to connect with you. Make a list of questions so we can cover your concerns and you can take action with comfort and confidence. Each reading is accompanied with a live distance Reiki healing transmission to assist you in embodying more balance and ease in your body, mind and spirit. I will not read on the same topic within 4 weeks of a consultation as it takes time for energies to shift into alignment and for you to integrate the guidance you have received. Whatever you are going though, Spirit can help. You are not alone. If you feel guided to connect with me, I'd be honored to serve your highest good and greatest joy.Jehannetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7133http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7131http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71327133.jpg7131.jpg7132.jpg2075004488013/09/2018 20:5414/10/2016 08:46OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500448.wavYou and I are visitors to this precious planet. We are Infinite Spirit having a human experience, learning, loving, and evolving throughout our life journey. I have been studying and practicing the Tarot for over a decade and have had countless successful readings. My studies include Shamanism, Plant Medicine, Spiritualism, Ancient Cultures, Alien Intelligence, Psychology and Art Therapy. I have been told that I am extremely intuitive, offering insights to help remove obstacles along your path based on infinite love, compassion, deeper awareness and empathy. Allow me to assist you in your quest to get to hidden truths and insights and to lift the veil of perceptions that cloud our daily existence.Zacktarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4147http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4145http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=41464147.jpg4145.jpg4146.jpg11826002429913/09/2018 20:0504/05/2018 09:49OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600242.wavI am a gifted psychic with clairvoyance and I am a natural medium. I have worked for over 35 years and featured in 'FATE' and 'Womans Own' magazines. I use the cards plus my inner wisdom to offer you guidance and sincere help. I connect easily with universal energies to advise you. I use my amazing gift to support and help you in all areas of your life. My consultations are loving, compassionate and truthful. I can help with career and finances. Looking for that dream job? I can advise on your life path and destiny, why things keep repeating, Spiritual mentoring and dealing with trauma bonding and cord cutting. I can also look into and guide on your love life and relationships. I’m an animal psychic who can help with issues with your fur kids.Janettetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachHi, I'm Janette, my User ID is 600242. I am a gifted #psychic with clairvoyance and I am a natural #medium. I have worked for over 35 years and featured in 'FATE' and 'Womans Own' magazines. Call me until {1} https://bit.ly/2MKHSHc #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7048http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7501http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7502http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7046http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=70477048.jpg7501.png7502.png7046.jpg7047.jpg1075008079912/09/2018 23:3513/09/2016 16:41OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500807.wavHello, I work with the highest and the best. I use my refined intuition and my guides to look deep into your soul to find your life's path and purpose. We are all put on this earth to learn lessons and I will help you to understand your soul's purpose in this life. I along with my guides will help you to understand how current circumstances can affect your future life. I also specialise in relationships and past lives. Why are we here and who were we in a past life? How is this affecting my current life?Band_AEllie Spsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3961http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=326http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6783961.jpg326.jpg678.jpg5365007529912/09/2018 16:2528/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500752.wavPsychic since birth, Stevie has been communicating with the spirit world all his life and is a passionate medium. Stevie spent many years as a career guidance counsellor specialising in placing people with mental health issues in to long term sustainable employment. Stevie has worked as a medium all over the United Kingdom and can be regularly seen on television as well as hosting his own radio shows. Stevie is passionate about his work and his life and will endeavour to help as many people as he can regardless of there situation whatever you need be it a quick reading, or a full look at your life, or anything In between Stevie will help you along that life journey and help you over come any fears or phobias you may have. Stevie reads for people from all walks of life and has even read on TOWIE what ever you situation Stevie will not judge.Stevietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2480http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2478http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=24792480.jpg2478.jpg2479.jpg1875000468012/09/2018 13:1528/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500046.wavAs a Piscean woman I have an abundance of healing energy which I access with Reiki and Tarot. As an intuituive reader I allow the cards to 'speak' to me, forming a snapshot of you, your life, where you are right now and the possibilities which are open to you for the future. Tarot is about you and your life journey. Together we can see where your life is going.Fionatarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3158http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3156http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=31573158.jpg3156.jpg3157.jpg15750028180CatherineHor12/09/2018 11:1728/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500281.wavMy method of reading is to combine Tarot with Clairaudience, bringing a reading which is personal and relevant to you.Catherine Htarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1719http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=483http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4841719.jpg483.jpg484.jpg8485005909912/09/2018 10:3109/05/2017 13:39OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500590.wavI’m Anna aka “The Destiny Doctor” an intuitive psychic agony aunt, previously with Vision Magazine. I am an international Clairvoyant and Psychic Medium, Soul Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Metaphysical Teacher, Intuitive Counsellor and Life Coach. A psychic reading from me will guide you towards your destiny in love, relationships and business.Destiny Doctortarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4808http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7497http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7498http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4806http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=48074808.jpg7497.png7498.png4806.jpg4807.jpg10616001249020/09/2018 23:0012/09/2018 00:3513/12/2017 18:36OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant600124_Trish_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600124.wavI was born with psychic abilities and have been a professional reader for over 25 years. I am compassionate, honest and non-judgmental. Please feel at ease to tell me anything. You are welcome in my world of love and light. Your spirit guides want to share their insight and encouragement to help you find the highest and best outcome in all situations. Their love for you is pure and unconditional, and you are their only concern. I have been blessed with the ability to hear and translate messages for you, and the understanding to assist you while you go through the changes to make your life happier, richer, and full of love. Very often, spirits of family and friends on the other side will join us with reassuring messages. Call for a private reading and let's move forward to the good things that await you. Enjoy this day!Band_CTrishpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6398http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6775http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6776http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6396http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=63976398.jpg6775.png6776.png6396.jpg6397.jpg1385000068011/09/2018 17:2428/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500006.wavI’ve been reading tarot since the age of 15 and I work predominantly with major arcana, I can answer many kinds of questions relating to relationships, work, love and much more. I can link into your past life, what is happening around you, and I can gain insight into future events in your life. If you book a tarot reading with me I will provide you with guidance, should you need it, or advice on past or future events in your life.Laetitiatarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4217http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4218http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=42194217.jpg4218.jpg4219.jpg8545005968021/09/2018 03:0011/09/2018 07:1423/05/2017 09:16OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500596.wavI have been working as a Professional Psychic since 2011. During that time, I have done many hundreds of readings with a high degree of insight, specializing in the areas of love and relationships and also money and business interests. I mostly work using the Rider Waite Tarot but also receive direct communication from the Holy Spirit. As well as this I have had some remote viewing training through Ed Dames and so can often see highly specific details, regarding people, places and circumstances. I look forward to hearing from you soon!Guineithtarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4853http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4851http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=48524853.jpg4851.jpg4852.jpg12506003088010/09/2018 17:2421/08/2018 15:58OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600308.wavHello and welcome to my profile, it must have been our energies that brought you here. I am an experienced intuitive tarot/ angel card reader. If it’s one question or guidance on love, general, work etc I am none judgemental and here to help, would love to hear from you. Blessings to you all.Claritytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7517http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7518http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7519http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7515http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75167517.jpg7518.png7519.png7515.jpg7516.jpg3005008259902/10/2018 12:0010/09/2018 17:2121/09/2015 14:44OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500825.wavI'm Caroline, I specialise in working with Spirit, bringing messages direct from your loved ones, friends and family, who have passed, I also work on a psychic level, using Angel cards, pendulum, numbers and colours for any answers, advice, or guidance, on various areas of your life that you may seek. The tools I use, coupled with Spirit, bring factual and amazing results. I have built up an excellent reputation for bringing factual messages from spirit, which will leave you in no doubt that your love ones are around. I am available for both telephone or email readings. The messages we give (that is Spirit and I), are brought with love, hope and humour. Direct messages that are Heaven Sent. If I am not logged in to take phone calls and emails, I will usually be logged in to take emails only, please remember to check under 'email readers' thank you.Band_AHeaven Sentpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,angel-cardsHi, I'm Caroline aka Heaven Sent. You can get a reading on Ask The Answer with me right now as I am logged in until {1} I specialise in working with Spirit, bringing messages direct from your loved ones, friends and family, who have passed. https://bit.ly/2yRx7kq #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2937http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2935http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=29362937.jpg2935.jpg2936.jpg995004369010/09/2018 17:0608/10/2015 14:59OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500436.wavI am an international clairvoyant clairsentient reader, giving readings worldwide, blog radio, with many international clients. The vibration of life comes in different forms and I hold a keen interest in Astrology the cosmic force of life and how the universe directs us all in different direction or life paths throughout our life. Writing daily weather reports (Astro Buzz) on how the cosmic force and psychic energies will open up our mind, taking us forwards on the right path with something new unfolding every week. I specialize in relationships, after all love makes the world go round. Love and blessings, Sapphire xxSapphiretarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4830http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4828http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=48294830.jpg4828.jpg4829.jpg8455005879910/09/2018 09:0502/05/2017 11:59OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant http://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500587.wavI am a tarot card reader and a spiritual medium, I have been reading cards for 15 plus years plus. My readings will predict your future in love, work and finances and you may also get a message from a loved one that is passed.Athenatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4779http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4777http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=47784779.jpg4777.jpg4778.jpg10996001649925/09/2018 19:0010/09/2018 06:0030/01/2018 15:10OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600164.wavI love giving readings offering people clarity and promise. Life is hard sometimes and with my cards, crystal ball and pendulum I take a multi-discipline approach. I’ve written four books on the subject and made lots of TV and radio appearances. On the sofa on ‘This Morning’ with Holly and Phil was a treat. I look forward to giving you my insight today.Nat Ttarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6467http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6465http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=64666467.jpg6465.jpg6466.jpg7785005249909/09/2018 23:3319/10/2016 15:03OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500524.wavAs a natural Psychic Empath I know what others are thinking and feeling, and I can project future events. My delivery in my readings is direct, detailed yet compassionate. I care about my clients. I have been offering my services globally for over 16 years and have a unique educated approach. At times I may use my magical rune deck to assist me in getting the answers you seek for your highest and best outcomes and guidance. For a high quality reading call me, I specialize in love and relationships, however, can answer all your important questions, please be open to the truth. As a certified Past-Life therapist along with my Psychic gifts I can give you expert dream interpretations too! I look forward to connecting with you!Silvanatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5589http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5587http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=55885589.jpg5587.jpg5588.jpg4025006519909/09/2018 23:0028/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500651.wavI specialise in Tarot Card readings using the Crowley cards. These cards are full of ancient Egyptian symbols and references. I like to give people a full 12 card reading which gives a unique snapshot of what is going on in your life right now and what is coming up for you. I can also offer you a shorter reading with Titania's Fortune cards, which are very special cards.Ixchelltarot,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3128http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3125http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=31273128.jpg3125.jpg3127.jpg1475002699009/09/2018 22:4228/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500269.wavI am a compassionate and caring intuitive reader who is passionate about guiding people to their own path in life. I enjoy helping people gain more understanding and a greater clarity to their situation and empowering them to take the necessary steps to make any changes that may be needed. I use a little tarot but mostly gentle spiritual coaching methods to uplift and positively inspire you.Meenatarot,psychic,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1716http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7215http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7216http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=453http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4541716.jpg7215.png7216.png453.jpg454.jpg11866002468009/09/2018 18:4811/05/2018 10:50OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI am an experienced psychic future forecaster. Using tarot cards I can provide the information that you need. I can also answer specific questions using a two card yes or no method which also gives me underlying information as part of the answer. Why not try my service.Ellietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7083http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7081http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=70827083.jpg7081.jpg7082.jpg10916001559909/09/2018 18:4812/01/2018 17:19OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600155.wavI’ve used the Tarot since I was 12 years old. They offer guidance showing us how we're doing in relation to our desires. I love the opportunity of helping others gain clarity about what they truly want to experience and how to achieve it. I believe anything is possible and life is meant to be good. The future is not set. We are the architects of our life experience; we hold the power to create whatever we want but our resistance blocks us from seeing the path light up that will take us where we want to go. Using the power of the Tarot and my psychic gifts I can help you dissolve your resistance whatever it may be. I can assist you in the healing of past trauma and negative experiences which may be blocking you from achieving the success you truly desire. My priority is helping you learn to trust yourself again and see the truth of who you really are so you can get on with loving your life and having fun!Kellitarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6382http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6380http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=63816382.jpg6380.jpg6381.jpg11716002339909/09/2018 16:2706/04/2018 09:44OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600233.wavI am a naturally gifted clairvoyant psychic medium spiritual coach I have worked for many years using my gifts guiding people and helping people gain insight and clarity into their future and what the best path for them to follow is. I am a straightforward to the point reader. I specialise in matters of the heart and emotions, I look forward to speaking with you.Laura Rosetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachI’m Laura Rose (600233) available until {1} I am a naturally gifted #clairvoyant #psychic. I have worked for many years using my gifts guiding and helping people gain insight into their future and what the best path for them to follow is. https://bit.ly/2IOum2J #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7072http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7070http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=70717072.jpg7070.jpg7071.jpg11085001009909/09/2018 15:1213/02/2018 11:34OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant500100_Eleanor-Joy_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500100.wavI have over 30 years experience as a Psychic and an Agony Aunt. I live by the sea in Wales and the beautiful energies around me inspire me to work with energies to see what’s going on around my clients. I'm here for you during the good times and the bad. You can't shock me because during my years working in this area, there isn't a lot that I haven't seen or experienced. I would love to work with you to help you through whatever is going on in your life and assist you to move forward in the future.Band_ABand_AEleanor Joytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6536http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6534http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65356536.jpg6534.jpg6535.jpg9796000865009/09/2018 11:5829/09/2017 09:16OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600086_Zoe_AskTheAnswerI have read and been fascinated by the ancient (and timeless) art of the Tarot for years now; it's a truly sacred tool that can enrich our lives. I can carry out a number of card spreads tailored to your needs, to help you find sought after clarity. We can look at the obstacles around the situation, as well as those points of strength and fortitude. I prefer to approach readings without an overly 'fortune telling' outcome, but rather, by way of empowerment – helping the querent to regain their footing and find the best path for them. It's important to recognise that we all have choices. I'm naturally intuitive and empathetic, so I tend to sense emotions. I'm non-judgemental and believe in building from a person's inner resources and delivering an honest, insightful reading. Have a personal reading with me whenever you feel stuck at a crossroads, or need assistance with any particular area of your life – whether that relates to love and relationships, career or life purpose.Band_CBand_CZoetarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5673http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5671http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=56725673.jpg5671.jpg5672.jpg11706002329009/09/2018 09:5529/03/2018 13:42OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600232.wavI have travelled the world working as a TV psychic and have had the privilege to work with both celebrities and public alike. I have been professional Psychic Medium and Tarot card reader from my early 20s. I worked in the USA for a few years then travelled onto Asia for many years. I came back home to the UK in my early 30s. I have been honoured and gifted to do readings since I was a child. How I work is simple, I ask what you want from a reading and see what's in your cards and I say it how it is. I aim to been fair and honest at all times when I do the readings, I can only tell you what I see. I am straight to the point, no messing around.Carlostarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7486http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7484http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74857486.jpg7484.jpg7485.jpg11816002419908/09/2018 13:0201/05/2018 10:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600241.wavGeP-vH61czMHi, I’m new to Ask The Answer but I have been a 5 star reader on another platform in the recent past. I’m naturally clairvoyant and clairaudient and I connect with my guide to give you the messages that spirit wish you to hear. I can also use the Tarot to decipher current and future happenings in your life. I’m particularly sensitive to emotional connections and relationship issue. I love my work and the healing that it gives. I want to help as many of you as possible so please give me a try! Book today or please view phone availability on my schedule, thank you!Patriciatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7026http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7024http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=70257026.jpg7024.jpg7025.jpg12236002835008/09/2018 01:0716/07/2018 12:16OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600283_Morgane_AskTheAnswerI am a Brazilian woman and I am medium since I was a child. At first, I learned tarot reading by intuition with my spiritual guides and then I went to study the cards to improve my techniques of reading. I graduated in Psychology and it makes my reading more deep and insightful. Psychology makes me very good in counselling too. I'm used to sum my spiritual abilities and the scientific ones to make a very special and holistic reading.Band_CBand_CMorganetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7329http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7330http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7331http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7327http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73287329.jpg7330.png7331.png7327.jpg7328.jpg11896002498007/09/2018 23:5417/05/2018 14:42OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600249.wavI have been a psychic clairvoyant and spiritual healer over 12 years. I am totally honest; l work with my angels who help me give understanding to any area in our life should it be love life, work, family or a friend. I will be waiting on your call...Ashleypsychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7101http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7099http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71007101.jpg7099.jpg7100.jpg9905009489007/09/2018 14:0029/07/2016 09:19OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant500948_Suzi_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500948.wavI’m an international TV psychic, tarot reader and healer. I am also a qualified life and business coach. Wherever you are in your life right now I will help guide you forward, giving you clarity and insight into any event, situation or relationship. I use Tarot cards in my readings, which connect me to my guides, who will step forward and give you the information you need to make decisions, choices or give you the clarity you need. I am also an empath, so I will pick up on any worry, fear, blockages or anxiety. During your reading with me I will also give you tools and resources that you can put into place to help you let go of anything that isn’t serving you, your past, blockages, unforgiveness and limiting beliefs and will share you with lots of success tools that will help you to transform any situation, relationship, event or your whole life. After your reading you will feel empowered and motivated to take action, make changes, decision and focus on what is important to you.Band_BBand_BSuzitarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6410http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6408http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=64096410.jpg6408.jpg6409.jpg11556002195007/09/2018 05:0626/03/2018 12:48OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600219_Star-Sapphire_AskTheAnswerWelcome to my world. I work through Clairvoyance and precognitive abilities. I also utilize a basic card reading when I feel the person seeking help has need of it. I have helped people for 35+ years and pray to the angels that I will be able to continue to help others for another 35+ years. I am also proficient in Astrology and the concept of Karma and what it means. My email readings are thorough and will be done with a combination of a card layout and consultation with my guides. Find out what you need to know and although I cannot give you 100% on exact dates I will narrow it down to a workable guideline for you to help you deal with life challenges. Try me and see.Band_CBand_CStar Sapphirepsychic,clairvoyant,medium,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6841http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6839http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68406841.jpg6839.jpg6840.jpg7775000989921/09/2018 11:0006/09/2018 14:0819/10/2016 10:53OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500098.wavI am a natural psychic, clairvoyant and empath. I specialize in Intuitive Numerology, Tarot and Angel readings. I have always been sensitive to other people’s energy and trained as a Spiritual healer and Reiki Master/Teacher so the healing often comes through within the reading. I don't promise to have all the answers but I do promise to always be honest with you and to do my best to empower you.Vickytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4173http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4171http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=41724173.jpg4171.jpg4172.jpg76150099399JenniferLei05/09/2018 16:5605/10/2016 10:03OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500993.wavI was trained in Tarot and Numerology from family friends over 40 years and have been gifted by my Native American Indian guide in healing work in all areas to help when needed. Call me to help you understand the mysteries in your life through tarot reading, numerology, crystals and advice from spirit guides who are with me at all times. My soul is filled with love and it is my honour to share it with you. I am also qualified practitioner of NLP, hypnotism, heart and soul healing and other spirit release work.Band_CRhiannontarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4320http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4321http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=43224320.jpg4321.jpg4322.jpg115001868005/09/2018 09:3428/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500186_Dreamer_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500186.wavqMfn1-6OJnUI am known as the Dream Detective or Dreamer, I have been working as a psychic for about 30 years. I have been in hundreds of TV shows across the world and a quick search on the internet will tell you all about me. I am now available to help you here. Give me a call for a psychic reading about any subject and I will answer any questions you have about your life in an open and down to earth way. Blessings for now.Band_CDreamertarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1706http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=32http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=331706.jpg32.jpg33.jpg2455001629004/09/2018 20:1602/02/2017 14:16OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500162.wavI am a 3rd generation Psychic. I have been working as a professional Psychic for 40 years. I am also an accomplished Tarot card reader. I work with my crystal ball, Tarot cards, and my main Spirit Guide who is my mother. I can connect with any loved ones you are trying to reach who have passed over. I also use my Psychic abilities and the Tarot cards, (but don't have to use the Tarot cards if you would prefer me not to), to look into your past, present and future. I specialise in relationships, work and family life. I use my Tarot cards and crystal ball to guide you on to the best pathway for you to take in your present situations and the future.Trishatarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5871http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5869http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58705871.jpg5869.jpg5870.jpg11446002089904/09/2018 15:3313/03/2018 13:59OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600208.wavI have been doing Tarot Cards for the past 16 years and it's something I enjoy doing. I use Tarot cards to explain your current or future circumstances and the background effects involved.Lady Akivatarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6750http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6748http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=67496750.jpg6748.jpg6749.jpg11456002098004/09/2018 07:4813/03/2018 18:27OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600209.wavI am a Clairvoyant reader with over 18 years experience and specialize in love, relationships and spiritual guidance. I will help guide you with a mix of my gift and the art of tarot to find the answers and peace you have been searching for.Startarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6755http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6753http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=67546755.jpg6753.jpg6754.jpg11956002558003/09/2018 16:0731/05/2018 16:12OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI offer something a little bit different to the Tarot. Instead for my unique tailor made readings, I use psychic dice and other various oracles including charms, lots, fortune sticks and cards etc... Then I shuffle some oracle cards (I have many decks) and when you tell me to stop shuffling, I then close my eyes and throw the card at the top of the deck, on to an astrology based casting mat and then I follow the same process for all the other oracles, with my eyes closed, I pick a few, shake them in my hands and throw them on the astrology mat – so where these various oracles land on the board are just as significant as the oracles themselves. Please ask specific questions relating to either love and romance, family and friends, jobs and career etc... but please note that I don't do general readings, I don't clutch at straws, I need something to work with. Thanks for reading my profile and phone me now for a psychic dice and oracle reading!Ruby Rominapsychic,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7138http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7136http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71377138.jpg7136.jpg7137.jpg10956001608003/09/2018 14:4026/01/2018 10:11OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600160.wavI am a natural born psychic with 30 years of tarot cards and divination experience. You can connect with me one on one for your own personal reading. Let me guide you through your best year yet!Serenatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6528http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6525http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65266528.jpg6525.jpg6526.jpg3506001398003/09/2018 12:0429/12/2017 15:40OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600139_Hayley-D_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600139.wavI have been working as a psychic for many years. I am able to read your energy and information given to me by my guides to give you a full and complete answer to your questions. I am also a trained life coach which I find fits perfectly with my readings to help you achieve the best.Band_BBand_BHayleytarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6278http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6276http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=62776278.jpg6276.jpg6277.jpg2655004769903/09/2018 10:4416/10/2015 15:16OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500476_True-Harmony_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500476.wavSince childhood I have been sensitive to the spirit world. I’m naturally clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and psychic. I am completely blessed with a gift for linking directly with you, the spirit world and the higher vibrations of angels and God. I am also able to work with both of our guides and look into your past, current and future situations whilst also giving timescales too. I very much look forward to speaking with you.Band_ATrue Harmonypsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1745http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2988http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=8671745.jpg2988.jpg867.jpg6315008659902/09/2018 22:3617/02/2016 16:48OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500865.wavI am a clairvoyant renowned for my in-depth and insightful tarot, angel card and palm readings. I discovered my gift in childhood and have been doing readings for many years, finally giving into the universe and turning professional several years ago, doing one-to-one consultations, telephone readings, parties, corporate events and psychic fairs. I also run tarot workshops. I have a large and loyal clientele who appreciate my honesty, inspired insights and empathy, and are frequently stunned by my insightful predictions.Alicetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3929http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3927http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=39283929.jpg3927.jpg3928.jpg10796001428002/09/2018 14:4305/01/2018 10:31OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600142.wavI work from a true desire to help you using positive forces of love, compassion and empathy as a guide on your journey. You can utilise me and my gifts to bring clarity to any situation. I am also an Empath which will allow us to truly get to the depth of your troubling situation or circumstance. I have always been sensitive to subtle energies and have the ability to feel people's emotions, fears and doubts to help them free themselves of life's burdens. I do Angel Oracle card readings as my main practice because I always like to consult the Angels and have developed my own way of getting clear communication using my cards. I am also a Clairvoyant Psychic and can provide answers with the help of my pendulum and calling up on my guides for clarity. Come with an open heart and let's seek answers together.Shackeemapsychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6310http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6308http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=63096310.jpg6308.jpg6309.jpg11196001825002/09/2018 13:1121/02/2018 09:47OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600182_Jade-Sibyl_AskTheAnswerI have several years experience in the art of the tarot. I am also skilled in auspicious timings, astrology and psychic name analysis.Band_CBand_CJade Sibyltarot,psychic,clairvoyant,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6589http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6587http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65886589.jpg6587.jpg6588.jpg8145005588022/09/2018 14:0001/09/2018 15:2910/02/2017 15:35OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500558.wavI recognized my Spiritual gifts at the age of 4. I have been an Intuitive and Spiritual Healer and Advisor all my life. Marletha is my birth given middle name which means “You have Psychic Power!” and I come from a family of gifted Spiritual advisors. I work with the Angel Tarot and various Oracle cards and I use all of my Spiritual gifts, including communicating with my Guides and Angels to assist in all of my readings. I have a Master and Bachelor degree in Metaphysical Science, I am a Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master, Chakra Healer, Law of Attraction Coach, Assertiveness Coach, Holistic Life Coach, Health Coach, Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Metaphysical Practitioner, and I am an Ordained Minister. I provide caring, compassionate and non-judgmental guidance. I am here to help you find answers to your life’s questions, heal areas of your life, and live out your life’s purpose and guide you to lead the most positive life, full of joy, love and inner peace.Marlethatarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4459http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4457http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=44584459.jpg4457.jpg4458.jpg3695006308024/09/2018 19:0001/09/2018 08:5418/07/2018 13:08OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500630.wavI am an evidential medium who gives voice to our loved ones, I genuinely believe that they are only a breath away; they guide, uplift and inspire us. I have been working for many years and am constantly pushing the boundaries of communication with the spirit world. I believe that our loved ones walk with us, we just cannot see them. The most common reason to seek out a medium is to connect with those who have passed on in order to receive comfort. Those who are grieving are reassured that their loved ones do indeed go on into the next reality which can start the healing process. It can by no means take away all the loss felt by those in grief, but it can at least give some peace of mind to know that our loved ones are okay; I aim to give you enough information during the reading to make you feel that I am connected with someone you recognise. I also use Tarot cards which can give us amazingly insightful life lessons and provide a guide to our life's journey.Nicolatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1767http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1261http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=12621767.jpg1261.jpg1262.jpg12486003068001/09/2018 02:4903/08/2018 14:22OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600306.wavI am a natural born Psychic Intuitive Life Coach and have studied with famous Psychic’s from New York, New Jersey, Great Britain and Canada. I have a Bachelor’s in Metaphysical Science and am always continuing to educate myself on the latest exercises to better our lives. Certified Psychic, Life Coach, Angel and Tarot card reader with over 20 years professional experience!Traceytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7493http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7477http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7478http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7491http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74927493.jpg7477.png7478.png7491.jpg7492.jpg725002709931/08/2018 11:1103/01/2018 11:17OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500270.wavI am a natural empath with clairvoyant, clairsentient and psychic gifts. As a child I could see and feel things far beyond what people and life presented physically, this caused me distress until as an adult I realised these were in fact psychic and spiritual healing gifts. I have worked as a spiritual healer, psychic and tarot reader for over 20 years. My soul purpose is to help guide all who contact me into a place of self healing and self love. Anything you dream of is possible if you release yourself from unseen blocks that may be holding you back. I can help you look into the unseen. I'm genuine, warm, straight talking and with the help of spirit I'll guide you into a place of inspiration and empowerment where you will answer your own questions. Look forward to hearing from you.Alannatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6416http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6414http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=64156416.jpg6414.jpg6415.jpg12286002889031/08/2018 09:3220/07/2018 13:48OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600288.wavI am a Tarot reader, and I believe that the most important thing we can do in our lives is helping other people, and through my intuitive work I can do that. I have read for many hundreds of clients, many of whom have returned to me over several years. I specialize in relationships and work-related issues. I am also an expert in general readings, which are particularly helpful if you are unsure of which step to take next. I have always been extremely intuitive, allowing me to identify people's thoughts and feelings. Through my connection with my spirit guides, I can deliver the messages you will need to move forward with clarity and self-love.Jaspertarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7360http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7358http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73597360.jpg7358.jpg7359.jpg12345000198020/09/2018 19:0031/08/2018 09:2725/07/2018 12:45OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500019.wavI am a tarot card reader whom also uses the pendulum for specific questions that may need answering. I use the tarot cards as a guide and the pendulum is conjunction with them. I am a professional, warm and caring reader with many years worth of experience. I can assist you in many different areas of your life.Starrtarot,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7396http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7394http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73957396.jpg7394.jpg7395.jpg59650083590GillyDun30/08/2018 19:2826/10/2015 10:32OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500835.wavI'm a Psychic Tarot Consultant and Spiritual Counsellor (Dip.I.R.C.couns.).Having experienced many challenges in my personal life I feel that were it not for those personal experiences, I would not have the sensitivity, nor the empathy, to understand the personal needs of others seeking guidance. My aim is to give reassurance to those who are facing a particular problem or difficulties and are seeking guidance; to enlighten and initiate change and a renewal of perspective. I have a down to earth, direct approach on the spiritual, material and emotional level. Over the last forty-years, many people have crossed my path seeking help and guidance. From 1983 until 2015 I was a consultant member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society, (BAPS). I use the Tarot cards as a focal point.Band_CGillytarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6815http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6813http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68146815.jpg6813.jpg6814.jpg6075002149930/08/2018 18:5804/12/2015 14:47OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant500214_Kay_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500214.wavI have been a practicing Psychic Clairvoyant Tarot reader for over 20 years, I come from a long lineage of Wise Women Psychics and Astrologers. I offer compassionate non-judgemental readings that offer a clear path forward. My readings are unique in that I ask specific questions around any subject taking out 3 cards for past present and future I have found this to be more detailed and gets answers quicker I also receive psychic impressions and feelings from your voice vibration as you speak so all my readings are multi layered with the aim of giving you as much clarity as possible.I have developed my gifts extensively over the years studying at Arthur Findlay College The College of Psychic Studies and the Spiritual Association of GB as well as having a daily meditation practice. As well as my spiritual abilities I am a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist Past Life Regressionist Usui Sekhem Angelic Reiki Master and a Crystal and Flower essence practitioner.Band_ABand_AKaytarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3121http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3119http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=31203121.jpg3119.jpg3120.jpg12326002929030/08/2018 10:5925/07/2018 10:53OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600292.wavI am a natural born psychic. I have been on the circuit for over 20 years working internationally. I work with my spirit guides to bring clarity to difficult decisions that need to be made. I can use the cards to fine tune the directions that we need to take on the journey of our lives so we don't waste time going round and round never achieving fulfilment.Unicorn Psychictarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7386http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7384http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73857386.jpg7384.jpg7385.jpg4865007278027/08/2018 18:4028/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500727.wavI am a psychic medium, looking into the past, present and future circumstances via psychic ability, cards and from information via my guides, on general readings, love, career, relationships or situations which you choose for me to look at and to assist you in any way we can. I am an experienced medium within this field so less about me and more about you. I am honest and work with integrity but I give you the answers you need not necessarily what you may wish to hear, although the readings are uplifting. So for a reading that is upfront, accurate, compassionate & caring, ring Angelic Light…... Awaiting your call…….Angelic Lighttarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1938http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1680http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=16811938.jpg1680.jpg1681.jpg9566000838027/08/2018 11:3725/08/2017 08:50OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantI use tarot cards, and angel guidance to provide insightful and comforting readings. If you are struggling with challenging situations or choices, I can give valued insights! Readings bring clarity, hope, and guidance.Band_CManatarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6812http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6810http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68116812.jpg6810.jpg6811.jpg8275005708027/08/2018 03:0608/04/2017 13:44OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500570_Renoir_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500570.wavI am a natural born Psychic and have been in this line of work for over 30 years. My work has included various platforms such as Internet, TV, Radio, Magazines, face to face Psychic readings and Psychic /Mystical Fayres etc. I come from a long line of Psychics and Mediums. My Grandmother and Great Grandmother were founding members of the local Spiritualist Church. I can tune in on a Psychic level with people and also have an affinity with animals, pets and lost objects. I am Intuitive, Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient as well as Psychic and Mediumship abled. I can help you come to terms with your past and present and help you move forwards to a better and brighter future. I link in with Angels, the Akashic Records and use tools such as Astrology, Crystal Ball and Numerology for divination and also use Colour Therapy and Dream Analysis as well as being a practising Wiccan.Band_CBand_CRenoirtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4645http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4643http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=46444645.jpg4643.jpg4644.jpg7485009809926/08/2018 11:4226/09/2016 11:52OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500980.wavI developed a psychic awareness at a very young age. Over the years I have immersed myself in all areas spiritual and psychic, from the various forms of divination to healing. My ultimate aim being to help people, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually. As a professional “fortune teller” my reputation has been built on my honesty and integrity and what-ever the message or guidance, you can be sure you will receive it. I specialise in general readings, so give me a call and see how your cards stack up!Tashatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6806http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6804http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68056806.jpg6804.jpg6805.jpg12526003105024/08/2018 15:5621/08/2018 16:27OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600310.wavI am a Angel and Tarot card Reader, I'm here to help you with your readings. I will look at the questions you have and will try my very best to give you the answers. I am intuitive, insightful, and like to give a calm reading. I specialise in Life questions, love, relationships, career, and family, issues. I conduct general readings and one question readings, I never judge, I want to provide you with the best possible reading.Francheskatarot,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7527http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7528http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7529http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7525http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75267527.jpg7528.png7529.png7525.jpg7526.jpg12116002718024/08/2018 12:5622/06/2018 09:36OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600271.wavMy spiritual abilities are general readings and love and relationship issues with Angel cards. I can assist with career and family issues. I first started reading for friends and family. I am friendly and compassionate and I care for what I do. I would love to provide you with a professional and compassionate angel card reading.Sandypsychic,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7242http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7240http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72417242.jpg7240.jpg7241.jpg6975009308024/08/2018 12:5208/07/2016 09:32OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500930.wavThank you for taking the time to read my profile. It is important to me that you feel refreshed and happy when leaving a reading with me. Furthersome I will work very hard to make you feel comfortable and safe to share your inner feelings with me. I have been having psychic experiences since I was 4 years old so I know what it feels like when an empathic person is needed. Your clarity will be filled by my compassion. I have been studying Tarot cards, Angelic Oracle cards, Runes, Pendulum and scrying (crystal ball). As of March 2017 I will be trained in extensive Reiki level 2 which means I can also send healing towards you. I am also happy to pray with you if required. Teaching and explaining about spirituality is one of my greatest strength. I am fully qualified and insured as I also run my own business.Flowergirlpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3707http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3705http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=37063707.jpg3705.jpg3706.jpg9635001528024/08/2018 11:1131/05/2017 09:00OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500152.wavI have been reading Tarot for 30 years and I specialise in giving in depth readings. I work with the energies surrounding my client to identify the major issues around their current situation and use the Tarot to provide guidance for the current and future. I specialise in love and career readings, and always give an honest, empathic reading. Wishing you love, Jackie.Band_CJackie Btarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5567http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5565http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=55665567.jpg5565.jpg5566.jpg11436002078024/08/2018 10:5313/03/2018 13:40OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600207.wavI specialise in my own way of reading in which I use spirits to analyse the situation. I have always been sensitive to unseen influences and able to recognise people’s inner most feelings, hopes, desires and fears. I use the spirit to explain present past and future circumstances. I am also specialised in interpreting dream visions in which I can tell you what your dream indicates in regards to your future or present circumstances.Anastasiapsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6745http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6743http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=67446745.jpg6743.jpg6744.jpg12476003058024/08/2018 10:0703/08/2018 13:52OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600305.wavI have been working with tarot cards for many years and also using my psychic abilities since I was 20. I offer distance healing on humans and animals and hopefully guidance coaching with spirituality, in all aspects of life. I’m here to help with love, money, career and relationships. I’m also a level 1&2 reiki healer and I like to think this also helps with my reading abilities. I enjoy helping with any problem and will always come from light and love and try to help you move forward with light and love, I do believe we are all here to help one another in all aspects in life. Please let me know if you would like me to help with a certain situation or questions that will help you move forward with love and light.Charlottetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7471http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7469http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74707471.jpg7469.jpg7470.jpg12056002658024/08/2018 10:0218/06/2018 12:58OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600265.wavI use a combination of mediums to give you a reflection of your current and past affairs. I will do so in a non-judgemental manner and will answer those burning questions you have! I can use a selection of Tarot decks to give you a reading. I use my intuition and psychic ability to tune in to your circumstances and as an empathic reader; I will deliver your reading in a thoughtful manner which will leave you feeling much better after our conversation. I do like to specialize in love and relationship readings but I will confidently give you a reading in any aspect of your life. I can also send you Reiki healing energy if you would like.Chayatarot,psychic,angel-cards,astrologyHi, I'm Chaya. You can get a reading on with me right now as I am logged in until {1} I use a combination of mediums to give you a reflection of your current and past affairs. I can also send you #reiki healing energy if you would like. https://bit.ly/2KFlbXG #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7194http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7192http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71937194.jpg7192.jpg7193.jpg12446003028023/08/2018 13:5903/08/2018 12:55OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantNamaste gentle, wild spirits. I am an empath who will listen holistically to your fears, hopes, anxieties, dreams, love, parental issues, relational journeys, and beyond. You can tell me absolutely anything without judgment and we will work together to get you on the path to greater healing, success, and peace. If you would like a tarot card reading to enhance the experience, I will listen carefully to your questions and curiosities, indecisions, and then conduct the reading from my end, revealing to you the images and meanings and we will discuss the conclusions thoroughly. When you ask your question/let me know your situation you would like further clarity on, please include the complete date of birth of anyone relevant to your questions. Also, I prefer email readings because that way I can create the atmosphere I need and give you all the time possible to provide you with the authentic and nurturing reading you deserve and need. Love and light. Be well.Band_CSage Mosstarot,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7572http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7457http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7458http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7570http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75717572.jpg7457.png7458.png7570.jpg7571.jpg7635009959923/08/2018 02:2407/10/2016 08:49OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500995.wavI am considered one of Southern California’s best Tarot card readers and teachers, my clients have come to count on my reliable readings and straight-forward approach. Consistently receiving five-star reviews, I am featured on several leading phone networks and internet sites. I am also a successful Tarot teacher and wrote The Professional Tarot Card Reader’s Certification Course. As a result of this unique program, many graduates have gone on to paying gigs and opportunities. Your questions are important to you - put your trust in a proven reader.Tommy Rosstarot,psychic,clairvoyant,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5959http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5957http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=59585959.jpg5957.jpg5958.jpg6115008469922/08/2018 14:4122/12/2015 09:34OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500846.wavI’m a natural gifted psychic clairvoyant and work both with my spirit guides and the tarot. I’m always ever respectful of the world of spirit who work closely with me to bring you guidance, clarity and comfort. My gift has been passed down through generations and it is always an honour to be able to make a difference to peoples lives through psychic work to help make their journeys a brighter path. I have over 15 years experience and offer a warm, friendly and down to earth reading.Emilytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3470http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3468http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=34693470.jpg3468.jpg3469.jpg9955001158020/08/2018 20:2820/07/2017 11:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500115.wavI'm a spiritually gifted psychic advisor. I love working with people and most of my clients have told me that my psychic ability has made all the difference in creating positive outcomes. I've helped many in their time of need: reunite with love one, work related problems and dealing with co-workers, improve their spiritual awareness and improve their emotional and spiritual health. I look forward to hearing from you, don't delay call me NOW!Noel Startarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5768http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5766http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=57675768.jpg5766.jpg5767.jpg9826000875018/08/2018 00:2610/10/2017 10:51OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600087_Michelle-K_AskTheAnswerI'm a natural born clairvoyant, angel reader and medium, I've been reading professionally for 10 years I specialise in email and IM readings and the tools I use include, tarot cards, angel cards, crystal ball, mediumship and healing, I like to take an honest yet compassionate approach in my readings and strive to give you the most insightful information for your highest and best good, I also own my spiritual group offering mentoring. I look forward to hearing from you.Band_CBand_CMichelle Ktarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5691http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5690http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=56925691.jpg5690.jpg5692.jpg11546002185017/08/2018 22:3822/03/2018 13:40OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600218_DhruvJace_AskTheAnswerI am an authentic clairvoyant with 14 years of professional experience. Advising in all matters. Specializes in love and relationships. Find answers to life's most persistent questions.Band_CBand_CDhruvJacetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6836http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6834http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68356836.jpg6834.jpg6835.jpg7925005379917/08/2018 18:2908/12/2016 15:09OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500537.wavI'd love to connect with you and share with you my "designer reading" - each reading is specifically designed for the individual client, no cookie cutter responses. I don't use tools; I receive visual and auditory impressions. Because I am a psychic and an empath, we can look at the past and present as well as the future to see if there are any issues in the past that might have created an emotional impression that is preventing you from attracting all the love and joy in your life that you deserve.Bobbiepsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachLooking for a call between now and {1} then call me, Bobbie. I'd love to connect with you and share with you my "designer reading" - each reading is specifically designed for the individual client, no cookie cutter responses. See my profile: https://bit.ly/2tzHIeA #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4301http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4299http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=43004301.jpg4299.jpg4300.jpg12550045499KayPah16/08/2018 13:2328/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500454.wavI am an experienced and renowned psychic. I use a combination of tarot and angel cards, tuning into your spirit guides and astrological guidance. However, I am also very intuitive and will use these skills along with my spirit guides to guide you through any situation. I can tell you all about your destiny, together we can change this path if this is what you want and I can also help you deal with the important decisions in your life.Kosmic Kaytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2245http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=383http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3842245.jpg383.jpg384.jpg12276002875015/08/2018 12:3116/07/2018 13:02OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600287_Kia_AskTheAnswerI am a Tarot reader and I have been reading for over seventeen years. I specialise in love and relationships and can cover general readings also. I can tailor the reading to your specific questions. I am also a very good listener, compassionate, non-judgemental and extremely intuitive person. I use the tarot cards as the main structure for my readings and my intuition is finely tuned so I'm usually able to pick up on other things to support a full reading. I first became aware of my abilities at age sixteen, I would often dream about things that would happen within days to myself, friends and family and when I eventually picked up the courage to talk about it, I found many people wanted my help so I turned to the tarot which has totally enhanced my abilities. I'm also a Yoga therapist and can help guide people with meditation and find inner peace.Band_CBand_CKiatarot,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7349http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7350http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7351http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7347http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73487349.jpg7350.png7351.png7347.jpg7348.jpg11646002218020/09/2018 18:0014/08/2018 22:3426/03/2018 13:36OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantAll of us have an innate sense of spirit within us. I have been a psychic and a sensitive since childhood, seeing spirit and past lives. I use my clairvoyant and empathic abilities to connect with you. Over the years I have helped many people not only professionally, but also in a volunteer capacity. I am a qualified hypnotherapist and fluent in Spanish. I didn’t realise I was psychic until I was going through an extreme emotional time when I was 26 years old. Finally finding someone who could tell me what was going on with me and looking back over my life at that time, I comprehended that since childhood I was psychic. I remember the whispers from family members saying how different I was and how did I know things? Not to mention being called the devil’s child. Now that my psychic abilities had been confirmed, I then started to look deeper into spirituality/metaphysics and it began my road to where I am now. I took many meditation classes to help focus and understand why I have this ability.Band_CVilmatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6887http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6885http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68866887.jpg6885.jpg6886.jpg1290000290spencer14/08/2018 10:1219/03/2018 13:02OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant900002_Test_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-900002.wavThis is a test profile, do not call, email or instant message this operator. I am here in order to test our services!Band_BTest Profiletarot,psychic,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2241http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1007http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=10082241.jpg1007.jpg1008.jpg305008349913/08/2018 11:4521/10/2015 08:37OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500834.wavI am an experienced Tarot Reader, Psychic Clairvoyant, also with excellent skills in mediumship, with countless years of valuable experience within these fields. I developed these gifts whilst being a child, and have indeed encouraged these gifts with countless years of study at Mysteries New Age Centre, at the British School of Yoga and also at the British School of Psychic Studies. If you need to know anything relating to matters of the heart, for example love, career, or health, then I am the right person to help you, and indeed I can advise and inspire you. So please select me now, I am waiting for your call. With peace and love and every blessing.Joanne Etarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,medium,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3014http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3012http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=30133014.jpg3012.jpg3013.jpg11856002459913/08/2018 11:3211/05/2018 10:29OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600245.wavI’m available for a one to one with you concerning past; present or future. I specialise in mediumship to contact your loved ones who can help you through messages concerning your life and possibly those around you. I also specialise in tarot.Shereetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7088http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7086http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=70877088.jpg7086.jpg7087.jpg12366002798012/08/2018 18:3410/07/2018 10:13OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600279.wavI have been intuitive since childhood and developed my gift as an adult. I really enjoy reading especially for relationships and money issues. I use Tarot and my psychic ability to connect with my spirit guides who are supportive and kind but can also challenge you. I read for people in order for them to be empowered and to get insight and clarity. I like to get to the heart of the matter. I am empathic and compassionate but speak the truth.Sky Queentarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7404http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7405http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7406http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7402http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74037404.jpg7405.png7406.png7402.jpg7403.jpg7555009879922/09/2018 19:0010/08/2018 20:4430/09/2016 16:32OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500987.wavIn a world which is ever increasingly being lived in view of the public, people are finding it harder to deal with the expectations that society inflicts them. Spirituality has been a great source of inner strength for me and has helped me through some difficult situations. I offer practical readings for everyday problems given with empathy and feeling but grounded in reality. I truly believe we all have the ability to assist and take control of our own lives but sometimes we all need someone to help us in our journey and show us direction. I have been reading Tarot Cards since the age of 16 and I am incredibly sensitive to people’s emotions and thoughts. By reflecting on the past, present and future in my readings, I hope to give people the tools to move forward with confidence and strength. Our inner divinity never leaves us even if at times it is hidden.Ria Joantarot,psychic,angel-cards,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4843http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4841http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=48424843.jpg4841.jpg4842.jpg10276000169910/08/2018 10:4221/11/2017 11:23OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600016.wavI have over thirty years of experience as a reader. My skills include the tarot, runes, clairvoyance and as a Soul Medium I will tune into your own unique Soul's energy to help guide you through life's complications. I shall read for you in a one to one session or answer your email request. Whatever you choose I am happy to help you and aim to put your mind at rest and a little sparkle back into your heart to help you feel uplifted.Band_AGwynethpsychic,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5981http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5979http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=59805981.jpg5979.jpg5980.jpg11756002368010/08/2018 09:3324/04/2018 10:13OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600236.wavI am an experienced tarot card reader from Romania. I have the skills from my grandmother who was a very well known medium and tarot reader in my country. I am very interested in helping people. I am very sensitive and I often can read and feel your soul after I create a good resonance with you. I use tarot cards to read and explain your present and future life circumstances.Ancatarot,psychic,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6994http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6992http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69936994.jpg6992.jpg6993.jpg8745001448010/08/2018 09:2112/06/2017 11:35OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500144.wavI am blessed with God given spiritual power as I was born psychic. My knowledge of the Angelic realm, empathy and clairvoyance has blessed many of my clients. Please contact me with an open mind and give me the chance to try and bring some happiness, comfort, contentment, answers and hope in your life. My years of dealing with soul and spirits have given me great rewards. Like many psychics, we see and hear things at an early age; my visions have helped many clients over the years find enlightenment, I will give you straightforward insight into a situation that is causing you problems and show you a path that you can take to lead you to a solution and to help you get control of your life. There are four major areas to each of our paths and they fall into the categories, emotions, and career and life journey. Let me unfold all the complicated issues of your life and make it so simple with honest insights and predictions as well as provide solutions with uplifting perspective on the issues you're facing.Zacharytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5686http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4992http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=49935686.jpg4992.jpg4993.jpg11586002205009/08/2018 19:2726/03/2018 13:36OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600220_Clarissa_AskTheAnswerI am a natural psychic empath who has always known about my gift from being a young girl. I have been providing readings for many years, successfully helping people to help themselves and giving them some spiritual guidance. I use a wide variety of cards, runes etc, along with my guides to ensure that you get the answers you're looking for. I am a very honest reader and I believe that when you come for a reading, you must be open minded and open to receiving your messages, even if they're not what you were expecting. Sometimes the universe has great plans for a person, but haven't fully manifested yet.Band_CBand_CClarissatarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6882http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6880http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68816882.jpg6880.jpg6881.jpg11276001919909/08/2018 00:0223/02/2018 10:27OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600191.wavI am a natural healer, natural Intuitive. I use angel cards and Tarot cards and my own Psychic abilities to help you gain more insight into what situations you seek clarity on. I can talk to you one to one and give you a reading so you can better understand the deepest feelings and uncertainties you may be feeling. I am here to help you.Deantarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6637http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6635http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=66366637.jpg6635.jpg6636.jpg12466003048008/08/2018 13:0303/08/2018 13:36OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantI like to use the Tarot and also I use the Angel cards as well, I am able to offer you a divinely guided reading using either the Angel cards or the Tarot. I have been reading the cards for many years in various settings around the country as well as also working on spiritualist platform. My cards offer deep personal insight and offer understanding where there may be confusion.Band_CPattarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7466http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7467http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7468http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7464http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74657466.jpg7467.png7468.png7464.jpg7465.jpg12216002818006/08/2018 19:2613/07/2018 07:33OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600281.wavI have been working with Spirit, the Tarot, Runes, Crystals and Earth Energies for over 30 years and I am a practicing Wiccan. My talents and strengths lie in tuning into YOUR energies, physically, emotionally and spiritually. My information comes from my guides, my intuition, as well as working with Runes and Crystals but my tool of choice along with Spirit is mainly the Tarot. I don’t work with the Tarot in the traditional way, the pictures literally springboard me out into almost a dream state, and enable me to bring forth information for you that you are in need of. I am able to perceive your Aura and your Chakras Clairvoyantly. You do not need to be physically present for me to tune into your energy. I am able to discern where your strengths are, where imbalances lie, help you to correct what is needed enabling you to bring yourself back into harmony on all levels thus bringing your life into harmony.Jupiter's Childtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7319http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7317http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73187319.jpg7317.jpg7318.jpg11216001855006/08/2018 14:4121/02/2018 10:16OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600185_Stephenie_AskTheAnswerWhatever your situation may be, I can help guide you. Please tell me what is on your heart and I will work with Spirit/Universe/Angels and intuit their guidance so you can obtain clarity and next steps to take depending on your situation. Whatever your question, I can help you on your journey. I do not sugar coat anything, however, I always deliver your message(s) with love and grace. If you're not ready for the truth, then you're not ready for a reading. It is my passion to help others along their journey and path and for humans to see they are filled with love and should always practice self-love first. Amazing self-love will attract amazing opportunities and situations in your direction. Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place. I am also a big believer in positive thinking. Your thoughts create your reality. Think negatively and watch all that is negative to come into your life. Think positively and watch all that is positive manifest into your life.Band_CBand_CStephaniepsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7412http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7410http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74117412.jpg7410.jpg7411.jpg11166001795006/08/2018 11:3821/02/2018 09:17OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600179_Leohnora_AskTheAnswerI invite you to connect with me today, so that I can assist you to gain clarity in your current situations. I can offer you readings using my Angel Tarot cards or my Oracle cards and with the help of my guides we will shed some light on your hopes, fears, and feelings.Band_CBand_CLeohnoratarot,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6574http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6572http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65736574.jpg6572.jpg6573.jpg12426003005006/08/2018 09:5803/08/2018 09:40OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600300.wavYou can have an in depth, very insightful spiritual reading with me. I have been a natural psychic as far back as I can remember. I am very empathetic, non judgemental and deliver all messages with truth and clarity. I don’t always use tools such as cards as I have spirit guide who connects me to source and I can deliver messages to you without you telling me anything at all, other than your first name. I do this because I love helping people. I am an optimist and I promise you will walk away from the reading feeling enlightened and positive. I look forward to giving you an amazing, helpful reading :)Queen Of Cupstarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7440http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7441http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7442http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7438http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74397440.jpg7441.png7442.png7438.jpg7439.jpg10326000178005/08/2018 00:0924/11/2017 16:02OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600017.wavI have been a Psychic and Spiritual healer for over 20 years now, specialising in love and relationship issues. I am an empath and also help my clients with dream analysis and spiritual protection. I have a no nonsense approach with an in depth clarity to help people through all of life's difficulties. After my clients have had a reading with me they have told me they feel much more uplifted and clearer on what path to take for their future enjoyment and contentment. Love, light and peace.Morgantarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6012http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6010http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=60116012.jpg6010.jpg6011.jpg10776001418023/09/2018 07:0004/08/2018 20:3204/01/2018 16:17OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600141.wavI am a born empath. I also come from a family of tarot card readers. Using a combination of my emphatic gifts, and tarot cards I will custom my readings to your needs. I provide honset readings, and my goal is to make you feel safe in a judge free zone. I look forward to hearing from you.Alisatarot,psychic,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6321http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6319http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=63206321.jpg6319.jpg6320.jpg8986000535004/08/2018 08:4930/06/2017 12:34OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantAs a Metaphysical Counsellor I use my natural intuitive and empathic abilities to ensure that your reading is as insightful and complete as possible. I am very open minded and will not judge you on whatever your question or situation is. I take confidentiality very seriously and will not reveal what we have discussed. I ask that you please keep in mind - if you ask a vague question, you'll get a vague answer. You don't go to the doctor and expect her to know everything that's bothering you without providing some input, same thing applies here. I'm not omnipotent, I just have a gift. ★ Clairvoyant ★ Clairsentient ★ Claircognizant ★ Empathic ★ Intuitive ★ Crystal Healing ★ Lucid Dreaming ★ Aura Reading ★ Herbalism ★ Chakra Balancing ★ Reiki Master ★ Tarot-Oracle-Lenormand Card ReadingBand_CAmy Crystaltarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7148http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7146http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71477148.jpg7146.jpg7147.jpg6335008679903/08/2018 11:4919/02/2016 15:34OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500867.wavI specialise in working on a Psychic level whilst reading the Tarot Cards and Crystal ball for you. I am a Psychic medium and Pagan who also reads Tea leaves, Rune stones and will analyse your dreams. With over 20 years of experience in reading for people, just like you, I am able to help and assist with answering your questions in relation to all of life’s twists and turns. It is my privilege to offer guidance, support and advice in all aspects of your life, helping to light the way on your journey.Sarahtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3317http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3315http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=33163317.jpg3315.jpg3316.jpg1945008039903/08/2018 10:1521/02/2017 13:26OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500803.wavI have been linking with Spirit since childhood frequently predicting events. In my teens I realised that communicating with Spirit and talking with Guides was not quite usual! A friend introduced me to a medium and I sat in his circle for a number of years and developed clairvoyance, clairaudience clairsentient and psychic abilities. In my 20’s another close friend gifted me a Tarot deck which combined with my natural clairvoyance started me to work professionally.Rajtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4460http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=596http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5974460.jpg596.jpg597.jpg12196002788003/08/2018 09:3109/07/2018 10:40OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI am here to assist you with any challenges you may be facing or to help you with. I work with spirit, tarot and crystal ball, I am open, honest and non judgemental in my readings. I have always been sensitive to the presence of spirit and the help and guidance they can give to us.Deetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7303http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7304http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7305http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7301http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73027303.jpg7304.png7305.png7301.jpg7302.jpg8835001348002/08/2018 17:5726/06/2017 10:03OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500134_Susan_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500134.wavtxmosZQX7v4Are you looking for more happiness in your romantic life, career, or life in general? Ready to know what is true - and what direction YOU want to go in? I use Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle cards to tap into your unique situation and to provide the basis for our conversation. I allow my intuition (and your words) to drive the reading. I don't skimp on the practical side of things, either. As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I give real-world advice to help you achieve your goals and feel stronger and more in control of your destiny. I'll also give you energetic and magical advice, like candle magic and Law of Attraction guidance that will help you bring what you are looking for into your life. We can talk also about the symbols you see popping up in your life, also interpret dreams and signs that show what direction the Universe is leading you.Band_CBand_CSusantarot,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6486http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6485http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=64876486.jpg6485.jpg6487.jpg2355004658031/07/2018 02:2328/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500465.wavI have worked as a psychic tarot reader for more than 5 years. I specialise in love, relationships and general issues. I am an intuitive reader and offer you a reading that will answer all of your questions. I use the pendulum and tarot cards to assist me as my focal points when I do my reading. My psychic abilities came about in my teens, I used to have feelings about things before they happened. Then around 7 or 8 years ago I was given my first pack of tarot cards by a friend which I read intuitively from the start, then one day I went for a reading myself which told me that I would do readings and holistic therapies professionally which has now come true.Maddietarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1744http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=758http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7591744.jpg758.jpg759.jpg4935002419029/07/2018 21:5306/11/2017 12:57OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500241.wavNamaste, I am Ameel. You can tell me anything and everything as I channel my energies with compassion, sensitivity, love and empathy to best guide you. I am a third generation psychic, accomplished in tarot and astrology for 31 years. Whatever your struggle might be; a relationship question, some family issues, a work situation, a money problem, or simply a desire for spiritual guidance, I can help guide your mind, heart or spirit. Fearing an outcome or even in denial of something or someone? What is your intuition and gut feeling telling you, call me to find out if it is correct? Need help to attract the right person or struggling to make that break then call me I can help you to make that “conscious shift”. Please call me now to gain clarity and to make the right decision to positively transform your life.Ameeltarot,psychic,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5844http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7033http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7034http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5842http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58435844.jpg7033.png7034.png5842.jpg5843.jpg5315007478027/07/2018 10:0628/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500747.wavI am a clairvoyant psychic and medium and I also use cards and crystals sometimes as well. I have been working with spirit since 14 and do much work on spiritual evolution and my spiritual path, but also like to offer readings, spiritual advice, guided meditations to assist people in connecting with themselves and spirit, among other things. I do prefer clairvoyance and spirit communication over cards, cards are usually used to supplement readings or as an additional tool, depending on the client. I am not one to continually answer questions over and over about the same relationship or situation that has already been advised; nor will I tell a client how to solve their life problems directly but offer advice. Human free will is paramount, and it is my duty to ensure I do not infringe on free-will. I am not a god or someone who 'knows it all' and while I can give advice based on what I get from spirit, a reading is meant to be a relaxed affair.Band_CJacobtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2448http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2446http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=24472448.jpg2446.jpg2447.jpg12166002759925/07/2018 15:3105/07/2018 15:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600275.wavHello beautiful people, you can contact me for psychic, tarot, angel and mediumship readings, I have being working with spirit from 13 years old, love helping and guiding people in love, career, family, life coaching and energy healing. With over 40 years experience, you will receive a balanced outlook on your situation and the tools you need to help on your journey. I have worked internationally with my clients to achieve their divine path and helped them achieve their highest potential. I look forward to assisting you do the same. I have been a Business specialist for 30 years, as an accountant I have worked with business to strategies growth, help with obtaining the best from staff, colleges and promotions. With clients I have assisted change in work, moving to new careers and coached for interviews. Relax and make your call now and begin your journey to your plan free from anxiety or rest, I will coach you and give you the tools needed to achieve this.Jon Paultarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7279http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7277http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72787279.jpg7277.jpg7278.jpg11906002508023/09/2018 15:0025/07/2018 11:4217/05/2018 14:51OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI am a psychic tarot card reader I also do angel cards and iching reading, I am a Reiki master. I have had many years of experience and have done readings for my family and friends. I can also pick up on your vibrations and energies around you. I also use my crystals to help me with my readings. I believe anyone can change their destiny. Remember, your current situation is not your final destination. I believe there is happiness waiting for you.Jotarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7505http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7107http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7108http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7503http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75047505.jpg7107.png7108.png7503.jpg7504.jpg10436000288024/07/2018 18:1629/11/2017 17:32OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant http://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600028.wavI’m a natural born Psychic Clairvoyant and have been providing guidance and spiritual counselling for the past 30 years to thousands of satisfied clients from around the world. I am experienced, compassionate, and insightful and will give you a reading that will answer all your questions enlighten and help guide you with relationships, family, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. I thank you in advance for the opportunity to advise you. Peace, love and harmony.Joanpsychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6067http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6065http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=60666067.jpg6065.jpg6066.jpg1865004028023/07/2018 18:3213/02/2017 11:31OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500402.wavI'm a very straightforward talking tarot reader of many years experience. I read instinctively and believe honesty is the best policy so will tell you both the good and bad so you can be prepared, as they do say forewarned is forearmed. I've got lists of clients who have been coming back to me for years, which I feel is testimony to my honest and insightful reading. I love what I do as it helps people on their path through this life. Give me a call and let me help you.Christinatarot,psychic,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4447http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4445http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=44464447.jpg4445.jpg4446.jpg3226000395023/07/2018 17:2515/06/2017 13:11OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600039_Nick_AskTheAnswerI am a sensitive reader who specializes in cartomancy, which means fortune telling using cards. When you get a reading from me, you can expect a compassionate and safe space where you can be confident in your concerns being heard. Most of my readings up to this point have been around self esteem and exploring spirituality. I believe that the cards are a perfect tool, with which we can become empowered, externalize our inner feelings, explore our subconscious and ultimately get guidance from our spiritual court. I use several different types of oracle in my readings. What I use all depends on the question and what I am guided to reach for in the moment.Band_CBand_CNicktarot,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7316http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7314http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73157316.jpg7314.jpg7315.jpg11186001815023/07/2018 13:0221/02/2018 09:33OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600181_Dominic_AskTheAnswerI am a Psychic messenger. I use either Angel cards, Tarot cards, or a combination of the two in order to give you a fully comprehensible reading.Band_CBand_CDominictarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6584http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6582http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65836584.jpg6582.jpg6583.jpg11096001725023/07/2018 11:1616/02/2018 14:34OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600172_Tarot-Cat_AskTheAnswerI’m an empathic tarot expert who specialises in beautifully written tarot readings by email. I have written articles for some of the biggest tarot websites in the world, as well as many national magazines. I am a fully qualified counsellor who knows how to deliver the tarot’s messages with respect and care, and I have been reading tarot for over a decade. I do not believe that our futures are fixed: there are many possible roads ahead of you and my readings help you to find the right path! I am very open-minded, inclusive of people with diverse identities/backgrounds, and I work with all kinds of issues including relationships, career, creative projects, family problems and a sense of feeling ‘stuck’ in life. Tarot is my thing, but I may pull the occasional rune stone. Get in touch to be empowered!Band_CBand_CTarot Cattarot,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6539http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6537http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65386539.jpg6537.jpg6538.jpg9505001059921/07/2018 08:3407/08/2017 10:21OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant500105_Quinn_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500105.wavI've worked as a clairsentient and tarot reader for over twenty years and I'm highly skilled in astrology. I absolutely love interpreting signs and symbols, whether from your daily life or dreams and meditations. I'm available for regular readings on any subject, and coaching sessions if you need help with your own soul work or self-development.Band_ABand_AQuinntarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5484http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5482http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=54835484.jpg5482.jpg5483.jpg10126000108020/07/2018 11:3410/11/2017 14:40OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600010.wavI have seen and felt spirit around me since I was a child. I'm Clairvoyant (see) Clairsentient (feel), Claircognisent (knowing). I am blessed to work with the Angels to pass on messages of how your path is set out through the Angel Cards, also when I link in how they show me your individual reading. It is your freewill to follow it and use it as guidance. I only work on the positive as there is enough negativity in this world. So no morbid scary news!! If you choose to have a one-one phone call with me I have been told giving and receiving my messages are positive and inspiring, it would be a pleasure to pass on what you need to know from your Angels, Guides and loved ones.Silver Arrowpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardsSilver Arrow here. I'm currently live on Ask The Answer and I will be logged in until {1} I have seen and felt spirit around me since I was a child. I'm #clairvoyant and work with the #angels to pass on messages of how your path is set out. https://bit.ly/2yRtSJM #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5892http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5890http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58915892.jpg5890.jpg5891.jpg11616002298019/07/2018 09:2926/03/2018 12:52OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantI have always had a passion for tarot and have been doing personal readings for a few years now. I use the cards to give an understanding into a clients current circumstances as well providing an insight into the future. Tarot is a tool to be used for confident decision-making and clear communication. With each Tarot reading, we can explore the different choices that the cards present and make the best possible plan for the future that you desire. Tarot is all about gaining clarity on situation and to help you make the best choices for your relationships, your family, your career, finances, and your future happiness. I hope with my readings I can help shine a light on your spiritual path.Band_CEmma-Jaynetarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6867http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6865http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=68666867.jpg6865.jpg6866.jpg10106000945018/07/2018 15:1810/11/2017 12:54OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600094_Jacqui-M_AskTheAnswerI have been blessed with an amazing gift to be able to see where your life is at and where it is heading. I will use different sets of cards including angel cards to guide you on your journey pointing out obstacles that might pop up along the way. You can speak to me personally; I look forward to guiding you.Band_CBand_CJacqui Mtarot,psychic,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5882http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5880http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58815882.jpg5880.jpg5881.jpg11536002178018/07/2018 06:4222/03/2018 11:47OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantI am a down to earth Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Angel card reader and Reiki Master. I have been aware of my spirit guides for many years. I have been working with my psychic gifts since 2001. I offer readings which are based on your life situation and also your own spiritual pathway. I use my gifts as a spiritual coach to help you in all areas of your life. I work on a pure link with spirit. I connect with your own personal guardian angel and use my angel cards to bring added depth and extra insight into your reading. We all have our own guardian angel, often more than one, they are with us from the day we are a born, you can ask them to help you whenever you want and they will in ways you could never have guessed, and you are never alone. They can bring your attention to things you may not be aware of, as well as give you an idea of what the future may hold. Readings are sent via email, this is so that you can look back at it and draw upon its advice whenever you like.Band_CDivine Featherpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7383http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7381http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73827383.jpg7381.jpg7382.jpg4595006918017/07/2018 03:4828/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500691.wavI have over 35 years of experience; I can help you to attain the things in your life that you are looking for. I can help you to get that extra spot that would move your career forward, or I can give you that extra bit of glimmer that would help you to get that certain person's attention. Go ahead and give me a call, let me show you what I can do before it's too late. I can help you find your true soul mate and give you the peace of mind that you are searching for.Ms Leehttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1792http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1579http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=15801792.jpg1579.jpg1580.jpg25150082280JanMay15/07/2018 09:2628/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500822.wavI work very closely with spirit to give you the messages and information to help you with your daily life. I will tune into you and your spirits and relay their messages to you. I use medicinal woman tarot cards and various others to complete the reading. I have a unique connection and high vibration to the spirits, love, light and healing sparkles to you all...Jan Mtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2015http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2017http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=20182015.jpg2017.jpg2018.jpg12106002708015/07/2018 04:2620/06/2018 16:19OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600270.wavMy name is Brie but I go by Storm Dancer. I am a natural born intuitive psychic, empath, and medium. I would love a chance to connect with you and help guide you, or answer questions you may have. I use Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and charms. My abilities include clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairempathy. I also do aura and picture readings, Reiki, chakra balancing and alignment, and mediumship.Storm Dancertarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7234http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7232http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72337234.jpg7232.jpg7233.jpg12016002618013/07/2018 13:4508/06/2018 10:54OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600261.wavI use the Tarot and Oracle cards and connect with your energy. I can give you guidance, illuminate truths and provide you with answers. I am unconsciously influenced by others I can be effected by their energies and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others through their wishes, desires, moods and thoughts this is not limited to emotions I am highly sensitive and can have visions, tastes and smell I use my many gifts to help heal, guide and support you through life’s challenges.Rising Abovetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7171http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7169http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71707171.jpg7169.jpg7170.jpg12046002649912/07/2018 11:5511/06/2018 12:52OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600264.wavI am an Intuitive seer, guide and psychic. I have a powerful connection to source which I remember as a child. I use tarot cards as a medium and I am non judgemental and open, always showing you the positive aspects to uplift you, help and support you in any difficult situation in your life. I am sensitive to people's needs and feelings always showing a path to the light. My gifts have been passed down from my mother’s lineage. I look forward to speaking with you. Love and Light.Yaelitarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7189http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7187http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71887189.jpg7187.jpg7188.jpg11676002255010/07/2018 21:2026/03/2018 14:05OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600225_Damara_AskTheAnswerI practise my own unique methods, and I will use these to help you. I have daily experience in helping people find their way, even in the hardest of times. I am honest, intuitive and emphatic. I can help guide you through your journey with incredible insights, combining my work with both tarot and runes where needed. Your future is in your hands.Band_CBand_CDamaratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6928http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6926http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69276928.jpg6926.jpg6927.jpg9885009648010/07/2018 04:3717/08/2016 08:26OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500964.wavNamaste. I take a multidisciplinary approach when performing a reading. During a reading, I combine my empath and intuitive skills with Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards to provide the best results. You can ask for a general life reading that covers relationships, love, and career; then you can narrow it down to asking specific questions. Whichever is your preference, I am here to help. I customize your reading based on your needs and desires. My Psychic Journey: I was born into a dysfunctional family. Early in life, within my family unit, I experienced humanity's negative emotions; the dark side of human nature. As a child, I learned how to communicate with my spirit guides and angel guides for comfort and safety. They always embraced me with love and compassion to let me know my true worth. They would always send me messages that when I was old enough, I would leave safely. Thank you for the honor. I look forward to serving you! Love and light, MarisaMarisatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5728http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5726http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=57275728.jpg5726.jpg5727.jpg4615006938007/07/2018 20:3528/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500693.wavWhen we connect in love our spirits combine. It is a chemistry between two people that is undeniable. I have devoted 35 years of my life to researching the power that two people can develop between one another regardless of gender or preference. Some practitioners call it the element of spirit and divine power or higher self. I have studied many different cultures in search of a higher self, and have communicated with many. One call will convince you, all your answers are just one call away.Rosehttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1794http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1585http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=15861794.jpg1585.jpg1586.jpg10686001288006/07/2018 19:4718/12/2017 16:44OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantI found I could see the future when I began studying meditation and experiencing visions. I then learned that my great-grandmother, Marie-France was a psychic in Normandy and that the gift had passed to me. I have trained at the College for Psychic Studies with Geoffrey Betz and Gary Wright and attended the celebrated Lynn Round's tarot courses. My colleagues and I, the Psychic Siblings, regularly read at fairs. As well as predicting new jobs, holidays and relationship outcomes, I was even able to describe the paintings produced by one client's autistic son. My email readings are caring, compassionate and inspirational. With the use of my tarot cards and pendulum, I will provide you with a great deal of psychic information to help you on your journey towards light and love.Band_CJane Mtarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7569http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7567http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75687569.jpg7567.jpg7568.jpg6635008948006/07/2018 14:4712/05/2016 16:25OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500894.wavI specialize in love and relationships. I am a gifted reader by birth. My spirit guide will tell you all there is to know about past, present and future. I also use the art of the Tarot. Whatever you’re going through, don't go there alone. Let me help you to put the puzzle back together. I will decipher meanings of the spiritual world. I can answer all you seek without asking a single question.Sam Virgotarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3595http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3593http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=35943595.jpg3593.jpg3594.jpg8215005648006/07/2018 14:4529/03/2017 13:02OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500564.wavFirst and foremost, let me be the first to say welcome to my page! Here I offer readings about everything you can and will ever ask. As a fourth generation natural born gifted psychic, I have helped people in all walks of life, all over the world. From a very young age I realized I had my gifts and that they could help to change people’s lives. I've been helping people using tools such as stone readings, rune readings, cartomancy, as well as my clients own voice vibrations. Over the years I have had many faithful clients that continue to come back to me whenever need be, that in itself should be testimony of my abilities. My readings are very straightforward as well as insightful; I let my clients know the good, the bad, and the truth, after all isn't the truth of the situation what we all want? Faithfultarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6763http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6761http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=67626763.jpg6761.jpg6762.jpg9095001278006/07/2018 11:0004/07/2017 12:35OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500127_Pollydot_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500127.wavIntuitive, sensitive and empathic Tarot reader. I enjoy helping clients get more clarity and different perspectives on their situation. I do this by interpreting the cards chosen and by using my own intuition in relation to those cards and the client's question. I have been reading for a number of years. I also use the pendulum for yes / no questions.Band_CPollydottarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5191http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5189http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=51905191.jpg5189.jpg5190.jpg10576001208002/07/2018 14:2011/12/2017 10:36OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600120.wavI am a psychic reader and healer. I look at all aspects of you from a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual perspective translating it into information that you can use in your everyday life and your future. I look at past events and how they have effected you influencing your current way of being , I look at where you are now and what is coming into your future, then we look at how you can overcome obstacles and maximise your potential.Margietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6159http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6157http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=61586159.jpg6157.jpg6158.jpg11226001865002/07/2018 13:3321/02/2018 10:22OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600186_Sasha-Pearl_AskTheAnswerI am a gifted psychic and angel card reader. I am kind, understanding and honest. I focus solely on you and your energy to give you insight and guidance in present situations and the future ahead. I'm highly in tune with the universe and my angel guides whom assist with passing messages to clients. We give you clarity and peace of mind for all your problems and unanswered questions. Another gift I use is clairsentience as I'm highly sensitive to your feelings and emotions which allows me to guide you in the right direction. I am extremely empathetic which works wonders for assisting you towards your desires and dreams. With this I am shown visions/glimpses into your life path and this allows me to clear away any negative blockages. So if you need any support around love, relationship, finance, career, family, goals, dreams, life purpose or just a focused insight into a specific situation I’ll be here to assist :)Band_CBand_CSasha Pearlpsychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6599http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6597http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=65986599.jpg6597.jpg6598.jpg10146000965002/07/2018 11:4013/11/2017 14:51OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600096_Sakab_AskTheAnswerYou can speak to me and have a special personalised reading. I specialise in spirit connections and Angel card readings which can indicate past, present and future events. I have always had a strong spirit connection around me as I work with my team to interact with people. I use my spirit guide and cards as my tools to guide me.Band_CBand_CSakabpsychic,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5902http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5900http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=59015902.jpg5900.jpg5901.jpg11976002578027/06/2018 23:4406/06/2018 14:01OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600257.wavI use the Tarot as a tool for guidance and prompting reflection, empowering you to take control over situations in your life. I don't believe that they are a tool for fortune-telling, but rather help us identify what is helping and/or hindering a situation, and we can become the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be! I use the Tarot cards to explore what the energies surrounding a situation are, as well as to provide advice and an idea of where things are headed.Juliantarothttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7151http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7152http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7153http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7149http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71507151.jpg7152.png7153.png7149.jpg7150.jpg3825004978027/06/2018 16:0728/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500497.wavI have been guiding people through their toughest times in life for over 50 years. I am a natural born Psychic/Empath specializing in tarot and energy readings, I am able to see your past as it was your present as is and your future as it will be, I am insightful, honest and to the point however I will not judge you or your situation! I'm a master tarot reader and a love specialist, I have the answers to all of your innermost questions, call now for the guidance and direction you need!Annietarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1754http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1323http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=13241754.jpg1323.jpg1324.jpg10216000129927/06/2018 13:5515/11/2017 10:41OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600012.wavCBS Radio recognizes me as one of the top 5 psychics in Houston. I have empathic, clairvoyant and medium capabilities; also all levels of angels have also been known to communicate with me. Throughout the years I have developed a method of reading peoples energy. I make no claim of being 100% accurate; for only God is 100% all knowing. I am here to guide you on the current path of the situation at the time your questions are asked. Free will can play a part of things changing. Psychics are here to guide you not always to foretell your future. You always have choices and free will, which can totally affect anything I may see. Remember: as for all of us, your future remains yours to decide. My goal is to guide you to a better way of life, to find the answers that you seek and to help you find the unconditional love and happiness in yourself and the world around you. I also aim to help you find peace over the death of family and loves, by connecting you to them allowing their messages to come through to you.Pamelatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5940http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5938http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=59395940.jpg5938.jpg5939.jpg5785007949920/06/2018 15:4512/08/2015 08:54OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500794.wavI am a clairvoyant medium with 25 years experience. I do house parties and single sittings. I also do spiritualists church services, clairvoyant theatre performances and have a large clientele of customers that I have built up over the years. I do the past present and future. I also have the ability to find missing people, look into your future and contact your loved ones who have past over.Eddie Cpsychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2871http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=2860http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=28612871.jpg2860.jpg2861.jpg3635006439919/06/2018 19:5529/06/2016 13:23OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500643.wavI am a professional Psychic Medium. A large part of my work is connected with giving personal one to one readings. I greatly enjoy passing my knowledge of all things spiritual on to people who are interested in my work. Alextarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3696http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3694http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=36953696.jpg3694.jpg3695.jpg9836000885018/06/2018 13:3010/10/2017 12:49OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600088_Soul_Sanctuary_AskTheAnswerI come from a family of female psychics on my Mother's side and I have been 'clairaudient/clairvoyant/clairsentient from a young age and having learned many of the Tarot's spiritual and life lessons myself, I can definitely identify with my client's needs and where they may be on their life/spiritual path. I use tarot to channel my abilities and to support others on their spiritual path and navigate through life's challenges. I believe Tarot gets straight to the heart of the matter, showing hidden influences as well as how the past may be affecting the present and also how the present might affect the future, in any given situation. I specialise in twin-flames/relationships (having recently re-connected with my own twin-flame after 4 years of no contact) and work/career issues and can offer insight into any other areas of your life, with empathy and confidentiality. I also have qualifications in Health and Social Care, bringing an extra element of expertise into your readings.Band_CBand_CSoul Sanctuarytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5697http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5695http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=56965697.jpg5695.jpg5696.jpg10926001568017/06/2018 19:2915/01/2018 10:24OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600156.wavYou can speak to me personally for a one to one reading whilst I use my tarot cards to help find answers to your current situations. I work in a non judgemental way, I am highly intuitive and a seasoned psychic and tarot card reader. I specialise in relationship, career and business reading to help you explore your hope fears and aspiration and help you find answers.Juwontarot,psychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6390http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6388http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=63896390.jpg6388.jpg6389.jpg3195002599902/06/2018 22:0928/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500259_Amber_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500259.wavI've been mediumistic for 20 years, giving readings and healing. Being a trained psychic medium, counsellor and business consultant, I care about your path and will utilize my skills to bring you insight. I often read without tools but am happy to use tarot upon request. I specialize in reading energy of situations and advising you based on the questions you ask so please bring any questions you have.Band_AAmbertarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1714http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1076http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=10771714.jpg1076.jpg1077.jpg11926002529001/06/2018 07:2223/05/2018 13:37OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600252.wavI have been reading tarot for over 30 years and I am also a holistic health therapist. I have a passion for Tarot, which uses the visual language of dreams and the subconscious mind as a route to intuitive understanding using the archetypes that are an integral part of the Universal Consciousness that connects all of us, to access wisdom and inner knowing. Tarot and healing work are my vocation and I believe it is my responsibility to use my abilities to help others. My readings are delivered with the healing intention of helping you to gain clarity and direction regarding the opportunities available to you, the challenges you face and the best way to deal with the issues in your life so that you may move forward with confidence and positivity.Melanie Htarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7130http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7117http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7118http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7127http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=71287130.jpg7117.png7118.png7127.jpg7128.jpg10046000069930/05/2018 23:2631/10/2017 13:20OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600006.wavKlrgAOa3TB8I’m an Evolutionary Astrologer and Psychic. I specialize in soul path readings, life direction and cycles and I am great with relationship issues. I pick up what is going on underneath the surface and also see the big picture! I have helped people from all walks of life to live life more in tune with their unique spirit song. We are going through immense change in these times. I would love to assist you in creating a new paradigm for your life and help you live with more peace and joy! I also do great with past lifetime themes and what that means for this lifetime lessons and gifts! Contact me for inspiration, truth and guidance!E'lantarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5836http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5834http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58355836.jpg5834.jpg5835.jpg2785004859928/05/2018 14:3907/10/2015 11:49OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500485.wavI’m a caring and compassionate Clairvoyant reader with Healing and Mediumistic abilities. I have great insight and delve deeply into the issues affecting you in the present. I link in to your past and any past life issues affecting you. I look at the future and shine a light on your way forward. With the help of my guides and yours we can find the answers you need. My name is Peace but I am also known as Eireen.Peacetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1749http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=922http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=9231749.jpg922.jpg923.jpg11656002238017/04/2018 17:1326/03/2018 13:48OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantI am a born clairaudient and gifted tarot reader, who will provide you honest, straightforward but compassionate readings in love and relationships, and career paths. Let me shine light on the darkness of the future using the uncanny power of the tarot. I use my clairaudient abilities to telepathically link to spirit and inter-dimensional beings to receive imput about past or future events! I am new to the site, try me, you'll definitely like me!Band_CEclipsetarot,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6915http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6913http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=69146915.jpg6913.jpg6914.jpg7275009598024/03/2018 03:1511/08/2016 15:58OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500959.wavI am here to give you answers to all your questions; I will guide you through all the troubles in your life and lead you on the right path. I have a special gift; my third eye visions will amaze you. I am an honest reader with insights and I will provide many details using my psychic, clairvoyant, ESP and visions. Happiness is in your hands, call me to see your future and start your journey.Julia Startarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3878http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3876http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=38773878.jpg3876.jpg3877.jpg8075005508011/03/2018 21:3526/01/2017 15:14OfflineOfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormant500550_Alan_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500550.wavI am a natural clairvoyant, psychic reader, healer and medium who specialises in matters involving love and sexuality, problem solving, decision making, money and career, I inherited my gifts from my mother’s bloodline and have completed certified training courses from the College of Management Science, London in psychic practitioner, psychic mediumship and tarot card reading and I'm currently studying various other subjects within this field. I use tarot cards as my main tool but also work with angel cards, the crystal ball and pendulum as well as being able to work with no tools. I have a very strong connection with the angels and my guides. I work a lot with energy healing and have done since a very young age. I like to take an honest, direct and compassionate approach in my readings and look forward to speaking with you.Band_CAlantarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4403http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4401http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=44024403.jpg4401.jpg4402.jpg10356000208015/02/2018 23:2827/11/2017 14:51OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600020.wavI’m an Egyptian psychic intuitive clairvoyant relationship love expert. I have over 25 years experience of tapping into a client's subconscious mind and reading into thoughts feelings emotions of not only them but those who are around them. By doing this I am able to show you not just tell you what to expect what is ahead and what you have experienced by decoding important information that has been stored in your Akashic records and previous lifetimes. I will point out key elements of your spirit when it comes to love, relationships, family, career opportunity and most important life purpose. I choose to read on a harmonic frequency or energy field that each individual emanates it is as individual as a person's fingerprint. Through this I can give you upcoming events dates and time frames. I can also read through tarot crystal pendulum and numerology. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and starting you're reading on your life's journey, blessings always.Hathortarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6027http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6025http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=60266027.jpg6025.jpg6026.jpg9336000775024/12/2017 21:3917/07/2017 10:20OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600077_Gifted-Soul_AskTheAnswerWhen giving readings I prefer the stage name Gifted Soul. I am from the USA. I noticed that I had a gift from the time I was a little girl. Being so young, I didn't know what to think about it. It wasn't until I had gotten older that I started looking more into it and realized that these weren't just coincidences and that I had a true God given gift. I connect with my spirit guides, your angels and mine to provide you with clarity and the answers that have been burning in the back of your mind. Apart from my natural abilities sometimes I do use tools to further enhance them. Those tools are Angel cards, Tarot and pendulum and what they do is clarify and give confirmation to what I am already picking up on your energy. Come chat with me today to have a chance at a better tomorrow.Band_CBand_CGifted Soultarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5350http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5348http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=53495350.jpg5348.jpg5349.jpg6565008895012/10/2017 18:1615/04/2016 12:23OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant500889_Saithula_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500889.wavBlessings and welcome, a born clairsentient and seer, I have spent the entirety of my life training in the depths of Africa - having graduated from my training with my maternal grandmother I come now to give to you guidance and the answers you seek. I utilise many tools, the main being tea leaves, runes, and Tarot, all in order to best thresh out the heart of the matter. Mine is an ancient tradition so should you seek you will receive.Band_CBand_CSaithulapsychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5505http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5503http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=55045505.jpg5503.jpg5504.jpg8705001378024/09/2017 06:5901/06/2017 10:53OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500137.wavHi there, Being a true original down to earth telepath that hears your voice, sees pictures, and describes those pictures, every reading is different. I use no tools and read more like a human crystal ball. I life coach and can advise in animals, money, career, past lives, ghosts, but above all I'm very direct in my approach. I'm very detailed and humorous in my narrative. Champagnepsychichttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4945http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=4943http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=49444945.jpg4943.jpg4944.jpg30750049980CarolMcD20/06/2017 12:1228/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500499.wavI have been reading cards for over 21 years and about 10 years ago I started hearing Spirit. They persistently asked me to stop smoking and they helped guide me in to doing so. I have a very special Spirit Guide who helps me to connect with the Spirit world. I run two Spiritual Churches, Drumchapel Butterfly Spiritualist Church and the Knightswood Butterfly Spiritualist Church in Glasgow. I use the Tarot cards to help explain your current or future circumstances and the background effects involved and I also like to use my Angel cards for extra guidance.Caroltarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coach,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1755http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=1034http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=10351755.jpg1034.jpg1035.jpg7415009738013/01/2017 14:1814/09/2016 16:21OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500973.wavI am a compassionate and empathic spiritual psychic reader. I have been giving readings for over 15 years, and my preferred areas of focus during my readings are emotional insight and empathy, general readings and priorities in your life, and love and relationships. When you first come through to me, after introducing myself and explaining how I work, I will do my best to approach my reading in a friendly and warm way, to allow you to feel like you are speaking to an old friend on the phone. I feel that this can encourage you to be more relaxed and open in your reading, and in turn allow you to get as much insight and guidance from it as possible.Millytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3969http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3967http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=39683969.jpg3967.jpg3968.jpg68650091950AlexandraFol11/07/2016 22:1523/06/2016 11:59OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant500919_Alexandra_AskTheAnswerhttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500919.wavI am a Psychic and a Medium, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient and I can use tarot when asked. I also use Psychometry in my readings where possible (reading from an object). For love, life and relationships, I help and guide people to a better path and give people hope and happiness. Also, I try to help people contact their loved ones from the other side, but can’t guarantee that they will always come through. I cover all general areas of readings and can cover general questions (when the spirits allow).Band_ABand_AAlexandratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7450http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7448http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74497450.jpg7448.jpg7449.jpg525000025024/05/2015 15:4328/05/2015 14:43OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500002.wavI am a fulltime clairvoyant psychic medium. I have been this way for a long time and use my abilities to guide others in anyway I can give truthful answers to present situations regarding relationships careers health and financial or problematic situations. Messages from spirit connecting with loved ones or spiritual pathways are also important to me. I specialise with energy clearings and healings over the phone to assist a person to be in a clearer and higher vibration of themselves.Caressatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7563http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7561http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75627563.jpg7561.jpg7562.jpg9755007779920/09/2013 00:0026/09/2017 13:47OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500777.wavI’m a professional Psychic medium and have been working with spirit for over 30 years, I have worked on my TV and radio shows over the years spreading the messages from spirit. I work with my guide Michael. I can give past, present and future validation.Grant Colyertarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5653http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5654http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5655http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5651http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=56525653.jpg5654.png5655.png5651.jpg5652.jpg10096000935020/09/2013 00:0010/11/2017 10:35OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600093_Sana_AskTheAnswerI have done lots of relationships reading and psychic readings professionally. I have experience doing readings and consultations in person from last 15 years. I've helped people get clarity in all love and relationship situations, marital life, career, business, soul-mate connections. I am experienced in Psychic reading, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Spiritual Meditation, Spiritual deliverance, Meditation therapy and Astrology. I would like to help you all with your biggest concern, my clients have been very happy with my reading and predictions. Just make a move and contact me to know what all is stored for you. You definitely will not regret with my assistance. Thanks. Blessings!Band_CBand_CSanatarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5877http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5875http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58765877.jpg5875.jpg5876.jpg11336001975020/09/2013 00:0005/03/2018 13:04OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600197.wavI am an Oracle and a hope dealer with 7 years of self-taught experience. I provided insightful guidance that is for your highest good with a straightforward, non-judgemental delivery. With Tarot and my intuition, I can help you get the insight you seek.Celestetarot,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6680http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6678http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=66796680.jpg6678.jpg6679.jpg12136002739920/09/2013 00:0005/07/2018 08:02OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI am a psychic clairvoyant and I can offer clarity and knowing that whatever the situation you currently find yourself in, two heads are better than one and spirit never lets me down. I am non-judgemental and will never judge you or your actions. I specialise in love, as love makes the world go round! However, I can deal with all areas of concern.Bevtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coachNEW READER: Hi, I’m Bev (600273), I can offer clarity and knowing that whatever the situation you currently find yourself in, two heads are better than one. I’m logged in until {1}. I specialise in love, as love makes the world go round! https://bit.ly/2KAnTyn #ataalerthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7266http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7267http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7268http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7264http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=72657266.jpg7267.png7268.png7264.jpg7265.jpg12256002855020/09/2013 00:0016/07/2018 12:47OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600285_Xandra_AskTheAnswerI'm regularly available to chat, and have a lot of experience with different tarot spreads for many different problems. I have been sensitive to people's unique energies, as well as other unseen forces, since I was a small child, and with that insight (along with my genuine and non-judgemental demeanour), I specialize in answering your true question, not necessarily just the one you're asking. I look forward to helping you.Band_CBand_CXandratarot,psychic,clairvoyant,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7339http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7340http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7341http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7337http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73387339.jpg7340.png7341.png7337.jpg7338.jpg12266002865020/09/2013 00:0016/07/2018 12:48OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600286_Ken_AskTheAnswerNamaste! I am a master manifestation coach and tarot reader. Gentle, nurturing, and psychically healing, I will help you align your energy so that you can receive all the gifts the universe is offering you. I am here not only to tell you your future and best path, but to help you develop your intuition.Band_CBand_CKentarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7357http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7345http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7346http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7355http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73567357.jpg7345.png7346.png7355.jpg7356.jpg12296002898020/09/2013 00:0020/07/2018 14:53OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI’m an experienced tarot card and angel card reader. I am empathic person who is keen to help and support you through any difficulties you have in your life’s journey using the tarot cards to access your subconscious mind and find clarity and peace of mind.Linzitarot,angel-cards,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7365http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7366http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7367http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7363http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73647365.jpg7366.png7367.png7363.jpg7364.jpg12316002918020/09/2013 00:0020/07/2018 15:06OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600291.wavI specialize in guiding you through dream interpretations and helping you recognize the patterns in your life that you may find meaning in times of transition.Leahtarot,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7375http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7376http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7377http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7373http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73747375.jpg7376.png7377.png7373.jpg7374.jpg12336002935020/09/2013 00:0025/07/2018 10:54OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600293.wavI am a mother of four 'Old Souls', published Author, Writer, Empath, an Intuitive Angel Therapy Practitioner, Spiritual Counsellor. I have refined my skills over many years, through meditation, self-development techniques and mind, body, spirit and soul-related courses. I have helped many people of all ages and walks of life. During the consultations, I can help you with any past or present issues relating to your career, inner relationships, health and overall life path. My sympathetic and direct approach will help you feel more confident, relaxed and safe throughout the consultation and afterwards. I will help you find clarity and direction. My compassion and insight will help you leave the consultation feeling deeply empowered and ready to face life with renewed strength, enthusiasm and optimism. All sessions are completely confidential. Every consultation differs depending on your needs and stage of spiritual development.Kylietarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7391http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7392http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7393http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7389http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=73907391.jpg7392.png7393.png7389.jpg7390.jpg12396002965020/09/2013 00:0003/08/2018 08:25OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600296_Claire-Marie_AskTheAnswerI have been reading the tarot for about 20 years. I really enjoy advising and counselling my clients and I love to give clarity and reassurance within my readings. I love to guide my clients and help make sense of the cards that come up. I mix both traditional tarot reading and also intuitive interpretations; my guides on the other side of life tend to take over and whisper in my ear on occasion. I don't receive messages as such, but often I hear key phrases, meaningful words, and sometimes I "see" a person's life play out in a sort of “film sequence". I always ask for the best advice for my client's own good as I feel it is so important for the person having the reading to make sense of what I am saying. It's not about hearing what you think you want to hear...but what you need to hear; ultimately for your own benefit, development and personal growth.Band_CBand_CClaire-Marietarot,psychic,clairvoyanthttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7425http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7426http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7427http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7423http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74247425.jpg7426.png7427.png7423.jpg7424.jpg12406002975020/09/2013 00:0003/08/2018 08:35OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600297_Megan_AskTheAnswerI can offer advice and guidance based readings to you with a look into how things may pan out in your future based on your current energy! I use angel cards for the foundation of the reading usually however, for greater detail use clairvoyance. The layout of the reading will look into your current situation, how things are likely to go and what advice the angels offer to you. Spirits can also come through in your reading and a look at your aura will most often be considered.Band_CBand_CMeganpsychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cardshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7430http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7431http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7432http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7428http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74297430.jpg7431.png7432.png7428.jpg7429.jpg12436003018020/09/2013 00:0003/08/2018 10:53OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantTarot tells the story of what we cannot see with our eyes, therefore, may not always be clear to our minds. By connecting your energy with the cards I will narrate the story of your life so that you may better understand where you are in your divine path.Band_CSonja-Mariatarot,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7445http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7446http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7447http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7443http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74447445.jpg7446.png7447.png7443.jpg7444.jpg12456003035020/09/2013 00:0003/08/2018 13:06OfflineUnusedOfflineUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormant600303_Joanne_AskTheAnswerI am a natural untrained intuitive psychic tarot reader. It is using this method that I can connect with you to gain insight and better understanding or clarity into your personal situation. I am a qualified counsellor, and with my spiritual abilities combined can guide you, inform you and reassure you. Since experiencing first-hand the twin flame relationship and working closely with my guides, they have chosen for me to guide and assist mainly with relationships. They have allowed me to feel energies of both parties Involved and offer guidance and clarity around all aspects of relationships.Band_CBand_CJoannetarot,psychic,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7461http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7462http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7463http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7459http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74607461.jpg7462.png7463.png7459.jpg7460.jpg12496003075020/09/2013 00:0003/08/2018 14:32OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-600307.wavI am a Healer and Channeller. I aim to bring you the best guidance, working with our divine connection. I have been working with spirit and spirit guides since age 17. I work to empower you using the law of attraction. The tools I use include Tarot, Angel and medicine cards. I also use numerology and I-ching. I work and read vibration, colours and energy power points aura. I can look into your dreams and past lives. I work with truth to bring you the best results by giving you solutions enabling you to enjoy the journey.Geraldinetarot,psychic,clairvoyant,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runes,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7481http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7482http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7483http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7479http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=74807481.jpg7482.png7483.png7479.jpg7480.jpg12756003125025/09/2018 23:0020/09/2013 00:0014/09/2018 08:33OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedOfflineFalseFalseDormantI am a natural born Psychic Medium and Life Coach with over 20 years experience connecting with people and helping them through their fears and self sabotaging patterns. I am offering Intuitive Psychic and Tarot reads for those struggling to find clarity and direction around areas of love, relationships, life and career. Using my strong intuitive abilities I can connect in with your guides and pass on messages to you in order to help you make empowered, positive choices.Band_CTracytarot,psychic,clairvoyant,angel-cards,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7589http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7590http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7591http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7587http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=75887589.jpg7590.png7591.png7587.jpg7588.jpg12836003209920/09/2013 00:0017/09/2018 09:17OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI have worked as a clairvoyant for over twenty five years, with the I-Ching as my favoured means of divination. I like being able to help with people's problems. I also like talking to people and being able to give them an insight into aspects of themselves that they may not be aware of. Everybody has strengths which can be utilised when they are experiencing problems, but many people don't realise or believe that they have these abilities; I am able to help people discover and use their abilities. Aside from my clairvoyant ability I am also a good communicator, and a good motivator. I am genuinely interested in people and I am a good listener. I am a Reiki practitioner and can send Reiki to people if they request it. The most important thing to consider is that every psychic can only work with what is given to them via their chosen means of divination. Also, sometimes messages can come through in a way that is perhaps not immediately understood by the client, but later becomes clear.Michaelatarot,clairvoyant,spirit-coach,astrologyhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7641http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7642http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7643http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7639http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76407641.jpg7642.png7643.png7639.jpg7640.jpg12846003228020/09/2013 00:0017/09/2018 10:13OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI use 2-3 cards to do readings. These cards I consider the story and outlook for the information. Spirit moves in many ways and your decisions govern the course your life and future will take. My specialty is Spiritual/Life Coaching and Dream Interpretation.Suzannetarot,medium,angel-cards,spirit-coach,runeshttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7646http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7647http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7648http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7644http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76457646.jpg7647.png7648.png7644.jpg7645.jpg12866003215020/09/2013 00:0018/09/2018 14:41OfflineOfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormantI use my gifts to help people reach into themselves and get the answers that are looking for. I use my skills to link people with their own spiritual side to help them find synergy and peace; it’s a journey of self discovery and understanding that allows people to move forwards in all walks of life, Love, relationships, work, family.Gordontarot,psychic,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7659http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7660http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7661http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=7657http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=76587659.jpg7660.png7661.png7657.jpg7658.jpg603NA 0.0019/09/2018 04:0101/01/0001 00:00OfflineUnusedUnusedUnusedUnusedFalseFalseDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-NA .wavWelcome to our blogs from selected guests and celebrities from around the world. Thanks to all those who contribute to Ask The Answer and we are sure you will enjoy the blogs. Please leave feedback; we love to hear what you think.Guest Bloggerhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3097http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3095http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=30963097.jpg3095.jpg3096.jpg1855004019920/09/2018 10:17SamanthaFra19/09/2018 14:0228/05/2015 14:43StandbyStandbyUnusedUnusedStandbyFalseTrueDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500401.wavI am a psychic clairvoyant. I enjoy helping those who cross my path who are open to change and I have assisted many to find the pathway that is right for them. With my guides and connection to source I can provide you with the answers you need and empower you to create the life that you desire, whilst giving you the tools needed to go forward. I am also a direct and straight forward reader; I will not give you a fairy story. Having a reading with me will give you a positive, holistic experience that will empower you to move forward as I am able to see blockages and underlying issues and will teach you how to use universal laws for your favour. I work with integrity, can often provide clear timings and will always work for the client's higher good by channelling messages from their guides. When having a reading with me I advise the client to come with an open mind and be open to hearing the higher truth. For those with love matters, I am also a recognised dating coach.Band_AZanethtarot,psychic,clairvoyant,spirit-coachhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3950http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=3948http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=39493950.jpg3948.jpg3949.jpg6515008889920/09/2018 11:0020/09/2018 15:0019/09/2018 13:1631/03/2016 16:29StandbyStandbyUnusedUnusedStandbyFalseTrueDormanthttp://moderators.chatclient.co.uk/Carousel/6c706c51-efda-4d40-8782-1fc6d7b09248-500888.wavVxuSlUsblJAUK Television Psychic Medium as seen on SKY TV, Reality TV, Sumo TV and Freeview. Ally Key has been described as the "Psychic's Psychic" as he reads for many other Readers, Psychics, Mediums and Healers from all over the Globe within development and spiritual guidance for them. He has also been described, quoted by clients nationally and internationally as "One of the World's best Psychics" and is known to be highly knowledgeable.Band_AAlly Keytarot,psychic,mediumhttp://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5848http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6431http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=6432http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=5845http://psychicpersonas.hostnet.co.uk/View.aspx?ID=58465848.jpg6431.png6432.png5845.jpg5846.jpg